Melly's Musings | Life Update | Why I Took A Break

Oh wow, it's been a while since I actually sat down to get a blog post done more excuses. Here's an update on what I've been up to and what my plans are for Inside Melly's Mind.

I feel so guilty that I've all but abandoned my little blog. I'll be honest, I've really missed out. There are opportunities that I've had to pass on, things that I simply couldn't say 'yes' to and sponsored work that just couldn't happen, with such an active blog.

So, where have I been? Here, there and everywhere. My focus last year was mainly focused on Honey Bee Home. If you don't know, I started my very own home accessories brand. It took a lot of hard work. There's already a post where I introduced it. So if you want to read that, you can find it here. I'm pleased to say it's been going well, after only 7 months. I am thoroughly enjoying running my own brand and honestly, that's where my focus has been.

Now that I'm feeling a bit more balanced with running the website, I have time to dedicate to my blog. I want to engage with my following again and produce more content that I love. I'm almost 27 and the older I get, the more honest I've become. My most popular post last year (and possibly ever) 'Start A Business, Mind Your Own' was my most honest. Expect more of that.

I plan to do a post every single week. My word of the year is consistency. The areas in my life where I've seen the most fruit are where I've been the most consistent. Honey Bee Home didn't grow out of me sitting around, doing nothing. So this year, I am giving this website the focus it needs. And I'm hoping to take on more sponsored content this year. I've been a blogger for so long and never made the most of collaborations and sponsored posts. I definitely think that I'm worth working with and this year, I am going to prove myself.

That's all for now, folks. I'm spending January making plans and finding a balance between the things that I love. Freelance marketing, interior styling, running Honey Bee Home and more. I haven't made 'resolutions' as such but I am working out a blueprint for how I want to take on 2018. So far, so good.

The end of last year was a real challenge for me. So much loss and a few challenges. But we made it, y'all. I have the best friends and family on planet Earth.

Thank you for sticking with me on this journey. 

Lots of love, 




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