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An Evening at Siamais Thai Restaurant, Birmingham

Amazing Thai food, brilliant company in the form of Sian Victoria and a gorgeous setting? Sounds like a perfect Thursday night out to me...

The Big Bloggers MeetUp 16

I had a great time on Saturday, mingling with some other bloggers and getting inspired. I've been making a conscious effort in 2016 to go to more blogger events and be more involved in the blogosphere in general. I feel like I could do better but it's going well, so far. When I saw that the Big Bloggers Meet Up was happening, I made a mental note to go along to it. June came round so quickly that I almost forgot. Anyway, a mere £5.50 later, I was booked in and ready to get the train the next day. We arrived Stirlings Bar, in St Paul's Square just about on time. I invited my cousin Naomi along, as she's about to launch into the blogosphere too. I figured it would be good for her to network and she loved it. The first talk was from super lovely Jem, founder of Iced Jems . She talked about how her brand grew and what she did to get to where she is now. She owns a lovely baking shop in Stourbridge, not too far from me, so I'll be popping in some time. I

Melly's Musings | Adventures in Freelance

A little life update and where I'm at right now...

Almost Christmas

Okay, so in roughly a month, it will be actual Christmas Day and I cannot wait! I've always been a big fan of Christmas. Every year, I'm amazed at how we can pack so much loveliness into one (relatively short) period of time. There's a real buzz in the atmosphere. There's an element of stress but it's all for a good reason, so we take it in our stride. There's planning and preparation (two of my favourite things). Family time, outings with your friends, endless fun and food (!!). All of a sudden, everywhere looks so much more beautiful. I love strolling through Birmingham, where all the big trees are up and the lights line the streets. I love wandering around the shops, listening to Christmas songs. And I even like that little burst of heat that blows onto your face, when you walk into the department stores. Birmingham is also excellent because of the Frankfurt Christmas Market, or 'German Market'. I went along to it with the work peeps and ate fa

Blog Every Day in May #1: 5 Lines

Hello readers! I've decided to challenge myself a little bit and found the perfect way to do it. I'm doing Blog Every Day in May  - the genius idea from  Rosalilium  - a fab Birmingham blogger who I discovered just today, actually.  The first challenge is to introduce yourself in 5 lines and include a photo you're proud of. So, here goes.... 1) My name is Melissa 2) I'm a writer and freelance copywriter 3) I live about 9 miles away from Birmingham 4) Just finishing my MA in Writing 5) I never feel busy enough There are plenty of other random things about me. 33 more in fact can be found here . And a photo that I'm proud of. I think it'll have to be this one... The hard work paid off And that's all there is about me for now. Looking forward to tomorrow's challenge and actually having time to read other's posts - I've found some fab ones already. Much love, Melly xoxo P.S. Sorry to those of you that read this and already know that

Mr Birds Emporium opens in Digbeth

Firstly, this post has been a long time coming (over two weeks, to be precise), due to circumstances beyond my control - losing my photos and then getting them all back etc. So, a huge apology. However, it's all still completely relevant (yay). So, read on, readers. Mr Birds Emporium awaits you.

Recipe for a Fabulous Saturday

This post is long overdue. But it's worth it, promise. Saturdays. I adore them. And following on from the previous post, I promised to tell you all about my last fabulous Saturday. Ingredients for a fabulous Saturday One fabulous friend. Mine on this particular day was Lisa. I recommend that everyone has a Lisa.  Sunshine - we got plenty of it on this day. Happy :)  One fabulous outfit. Refer to previous post -  Outfit Post One vintage fair. On this particular day it was  Birmingham Vintage Fair  at the Custard Factory, Digbeth. Fabulous food. We checked out a place called  Yumm . It's amazing! One gig. We went to see  Friends . Pretty damn cool five piece from Brooklyn, New York  Anyway, we headed off to the Birmingham Vintage Fair, which started at about 12 and it did not disappoint. For £1 entry, we were whisked into The Old Library, a beautiful building which was packed wall to wall with some beautiful vintage items.  The beautiful Old Library

Outfit Post: Birmingham Vintage Fair - May 2012

Feeling so terrible about being a lazy blogger. Fact is, I'm not solely a fashion blogger, so Outfit of the Day posts are a total fail, for me. I'm working on it. I shall hopefully be getting a camera, for graduation. Yay! So bear with me, on the photography front. However, I did actually manage to get a super cool photo or two, last Saturday. One of my best buds and myself headed to Digbeth, Birmingham for the Birmingham Vintage Fair. I'll do a separate post about the fair itself, but thought I'd share the outfit. It's also on  LOOKBOOK , so if any of you guys are on there, you know what to do. Anyway, here are the pictures. More than anything, I was absolutely loving the scenery around me. The tyres and scrap that you can see in the photos were the entrance to a car park and the bridge is by a canal, in Birmingham. I'm hoping I managed to defy Stu Bradley's  How To Pose Like A Fashion Blogger  at least once. The first photo is just me bei

Fallen Angel Bakery

There are few things sweeter than waking up on a Saturday and knowing that you have a few hours to spend with a lovely friend or take some time out for yourself. That's why I'm so thankful that I only work during the week (sorry those of you that work weekends).  Today has been particularly fabulous, as I've spent it with a friend, in a new place.  I'm a sucker for a great hideaway to do some reading, writing or general pondering and if there are drinks and cupcakes, count me in.  Well today, we headed off on our adventures with a hyperactive two year old to keep occupied and found ourselves at Fallen Angel, a gorgeous little bakery, on Harborne High Street. What child doesn't love cake? The display case of cupcakes is certainly tempting but I opted for a mocha cupcake and tea. Cassy had a red velvet cupcake and tea too. I was pleasantly surprised, when the tea came in two charming hand-painted teapots - some of which they have on sale, in a couple of differen