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Outfit Post: Focus Day

As promised, here is the entry on last week's Focus Day outfit. I decided on an outfit that would stand out amongst my old school uniform. Think: black blazer, white shirt, black blue and white striped tie. Hideous. Bland. My aim was to show the students that there was a life beyond school. Am I a celebrity? No, thank goodness. But an outfit should do two things: intrigue others and make you feel fabulous. Anyway, following Focus Day, I headed to my honorary sister's house, for a post-birthday catch-up. There's a tree by her house, and none by mine. So, I made her take my photo, with this very post in mind. And here are the results.  Mid-walk shot  Just so happy to be up a tree Jacket - Glam Boutique, Old Hill| Vest Top - Designer Room | Jeans - | Shoes - Vivienne Westwood for Melissa | Sunglasses - free with July 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan I have come to the conclusion that I still thoroughly enjoy climbing trees. Hope you've e