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Pinterest UK Training, Cocktails and Catch-Ups

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Pinterest UK training, run by the fabulous Elizabeth ( Rosalilium ). Followed by cocktails and nibbles... The training itself took place at Work + Play at Malmaison. We had half an hour or so to mingle and grab coffee, then sat down for the talk.  I think it was over an hour long but I was so engrossed in what Elizabeth was saying, the time flew by. Did you know that... - Pinterest is not a social media platform but a catalogue of ideas? - 75% of all content is generated by businesses and blogs? - no other platform has a more receptive audience than Pinterest? - hashtags don't work on Pinterest? I've come away from the training with a whole list of things to do, to improve myself as a pinner. I'm very excited, especially as I've been hearing about how other bloggers have used Pinterest as an element of their blog strategy and how that's worked for them. Goodies! Thank you, Pinterest UK. I also