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Blog Every Day in May #2: Spring is Here!

Hello! It's been such a gorgeous spring day! And I've actually been able to get out and enjoy it for a couple of hours. Dare I say, I even caught the sun? As you can see, I am in such desperate need of a tan. Anyway, I love spring because it's the perfect excuse to go for a stroll, eat ice cream and fruit salads or even pack a picnic. So basically, I just love food. And sunshine and fun and friends. Oh and fashion. I can't wait to buy some new summer clobber and get my legs out. I've been squatting - I am ready! There's nothing nicer, on a spring day, than heading off to the park. Today, I wrote a little of my MA assignment in the park. I always feel carefree and chilled out, when the sun is on my skin. Just me? Having recently delved deeper into building on my career, I made some exciting plans today and although scary, it was a little bit nicer, doing it in this glorious weather. I grabbed an hour with a friend and even made my very first daisy cha

Blog Every Day in May #1: 5 Lines

Hello readers! I've decided to challenge myself a little bit and found the perfect way to do it. I'm doing Blog Every Day in May  - the genius idea from  Rosalilium  - a fab Birmingham blogger who I discovered just today, actually.  The first challenge is to introduce yourself in 5 lines and include a photo you're proud of. So, here goes.... 1) My name is Melissa 2) I'm a writer and freelance copywriter 3) I live about 9 miles away from Birmingham 4) Just finishing my MA in Writing 5) I never feel busy enough There are plenty of other random things about me. 33 more in fact can be found here . And a photo that I'm proud of. I think it'll have to be this one... The hard work paid off And that's all there is about me for now. Looking forward to tomorrow's challenge and actually having time to read other's posts - I've found some fab ones already. Much love, Melly xoxo P.S. Sorry to those of you that read this and already know that