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Fun at Focus Day

I had a bit of a change from the norm today. A welcome break from my new full time status and an all round brilliant one, at that. I awoke to a text from my old English teacher the other day, asking if I would like to go back to school to assist with Focus Day. I thought about my answer for all of about five seconds, before promising to get in touch with her, as soon as I had asked for the morning off work. As mentioned in my previous post , I have a new job. So I felt a little bit cheeky asking for time off but they were fine about it, on the condition that I made the time up. I arrived to a reserved visitors parking space but I didn't take a photo to treasure the memory (boo). It's always nice to pop in (very) occasionally and say hi to the teachers that you actually liked and blank out the awful bits of school. Media and English were where I hung out, so I was happy to be hanging out there. I thought Focus Day was fun, as a teenager but it's even better when you&

Recipe for a Fabulous Saturday

This post is long overdue. But it's worth it, promise. Saturdays. I adore them. And following on from the previous post, I promised to tell you all about my last fabulous Saturday. Ingredients for a fabulous Saturday One fabulous friend. Mine on this particular day was Lisa. I recommend that everyone has a Lisa.  Sunshine - we got plenty of it on this day. Happy :)  One fabulous outfit. Refer to previous post -  Outfit Post One vintage fair. On this particular day it was  Birmingham Vintage Fair  at the Custard Factory, Digbeth. Fabulous food. We checked out a place called  Yumm . It's amazing! One gig. We went to see  Friends . Pretty damn cool five piece from Brooklyn, New York  Anyway, we headed off to the Birmingham Vintage Fair, which started at about 12 and it did not disappoint. For £1 entry, we were whisked into The Old Library, a beautiful building which was packed wall to wall with some beautiful vintage items.  The beautiful Old Library


Apologies in advance that this blog is a bit of a ramble and has no photos (boo). It's all change here, in Melly's World. As finishing my degree in English and Creative Writing loomed, I had started to worry that beyond summer, I would be a part of the frighteningly high statistic of 18-24's who had no job. So, I started to Google around about how to erm, move on with my life. The most important question I had to ask myself was 'what do I want to do?' When I was 3, I decided that I wanted to be a teacher and that was my dream until the age of 18. Well, for anybody who has ever had a dream, you'll know that the only thing scarier than not achieving your dream is having no dream at all. All I knew was this: I love to write. And since the teaching dream died, I'd thought of how I was going to acquire a job where I could do what I loved all of the time. Teaching would have been the easy option. But who wants easy? A conversation with a friend of

New Shoes: Fashion for Charity

Ladies! Fashion. You can't escape it. And you know what's even more exciting than just fashion? That's a very good answer...but it's actually fashion for a great cause. No, I'm not just referring to your vintage section in your local charity shop - although it is fab and I myself have found some absolute gems there, I'm actually talking about New Shoes. It's an amazing night of fashion, food, entertainment and it's all for an amazing cause.  All the information you need to know about New Shoes, including  ticket hotline In July of this year, in the West Midlands (Netherton, near Dudley) to be precise, a new home is being opened for girls and women with life-controlling issues (read: addictions, victims of trafficking etc) to get them back on track, restore their dignity, show them their worth and have them experience the amazing love of God and find purpose in their lives.  As you can imagine, an amazing project like that cannot be