Thursday, 6 October 2016

Photography Workshop with Mental Images and Pèétürh Jackson

Aside from having a horrible cold, I have had a lovely week and on Tuesday, I got to play in front of the camera. See what I got up to...
Photo by Pèétürh Jackson
He invited me to be the subject of a photography workshop, at a new collective space called Mental Images. It's set inside Newhampton Arts Centre and houses a fab photography studio service, for commercial and personal use. Everyone from brands to families who want portraits have been using the space and they're very reasonable on price to hire, as well. I've met some of the team and they're great. The whole space is very well-equipped and I'll be using it for a project of mine in the future. It's set in a Victorian school building, so you can even make use of the original features.
There's a dressing room there too, so I had somewhere with great lighting and mirrors to do my hair and makeup.
I think that there were a lot more photos that I'd have liked but I don't own them. If I get my hands on anymore, I will for sure share them with you guys but check out the ones I've been sent. The first one is my absolute favourite.
Photo by Pèétürh Jackson

So, back in January, I did a great photoshoot with Yasmin Qureshi and assisting on her shoot was another photography student. His name is Pèétürh Jackson and he is seriously talented. We've been saying for months that we were going to do some work together and this week, it finally happened.

Photo by Pèétürh Jackson

Photo by Pèétürh Jackson
Coffee catch-up with Toni
Photo by Elizabeth Smith
The look I reserve for people who ask why I post my outfit of the day | Photo by Elizabeth Smith
The studio space | Image source: Mental Images 

Anyway, back to the day itself. There was myself as the subject, Pèétürh (who is insanely talented), a lady called Elizabeth and my friend Toni. Then it was time to just play in front of the camera. The whole idea behind the workshop was allowing people to use me to learn techniques and try different ideas out. We played with lighting, props, poses, different outfits. 

It was a little awkward at first but after a few minutes, the ideas really got flowing. It was a fun few hours. I love watching people learn and seeing them trying new things out. I changed outfit once but kept my makeup the same throughout. I think I'll be blogging that look in a separate post but even I was impressed with how I managed to make it look. 

Go and check out Pèétürh's work here. I had great fun working with him and love his style of photography. 

If you're based in the West Midlands and need a photography studio to hire out, definitely check out Mental Images. Hiring the studio starts from £10 per hour and it's extremely well equipped. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the makeup look and maybe even a cheeky giveaway coming up! I'm thinking of doing a few more beauty based posts in future. It's not usually my thing but hey, we'll see what happens. 

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon!

Saturday, 10 September 2016


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