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Five Happy Things #4

What's made you happy recently? This is what's put a smile on my face, the past few weeks... Encouragement from other bloggers I had a lovely Twitter exchange with Rebecca Morgan recently and it genuinely made my day. I don't think I will ever get over the fact that people actually read and enjoy my blog. She writes over at Lawyer in the Making . New clients  The freelance hustle is no joke. It's always nice when a new client comes on board and it's nothing that I ever take for granted - no matter how much work comes in. I signed up a new social media client this month and I'm excited to be doing work with them. I took some photos for their social media this week. Publishing two blog posts in one day  A real achievement for me, as it's something I've struggled with on here in the past. Procrastination is not going to get the better of me this year. I am determined. Time with my best friend  Isn't there something wonderful about a

Prince: The Loss of an Icon

This is probably the most difficult blog post I've ever written and I still don't want to believe it's true. I was standing in New Look, trying on a skirt, when I read that Prince had passed away. I was confused at first and thought it may have been a hoax. As soon as I saw it confirmed by the Associated Press, I knew it was true. From that moment, I haven't really felt the same. I managed to more or less hold it together, whilst we finished our shopping. It hadn't sunk in yet. I posted a picture on Instagram but managed to avoid most of the tributes online. When I pulled up at home, 'Sometimes It Snows in April' (from the Parade album) came on the radio. I listened to it in its entirety and then sobbed. When I got inside, I cried some more. I always knew that this day would come but it really does feel as though the world is in mourning and I never thought that it would be so soon. I've certainly never had such a heavy heart, over the death of a

Adventures in Dublin

At the end of March, I cleared off to Dublin with my family. Myself, my mom, two of my aunties and my cousin headed off on the Tuesday morning, from Birmingham Airport.  It's no secret that I love a mini  break. It's always nice to head off to another city for a short time. We arrived on Tuesday and left late on Friday evening.  Millennium Bridge We stayed in Staycity Apartments. They're quite basic but perfect for what we needed. We thought that we'd be sharing one but ended up splitting across two. So myself and my cousin shared one and left the grown ups in the other one.  They're really ideally located and the staff were so helpful. The tram is literally a minute walk from the apartment and there are shops and restaurants everywhere.  The first evening was pretty low key.  We strolled a little and found a Tex Mex restaurant, near to the apartment, for our second night.  Nachos for my starter  The steak was lovely. Wasn&

Working with Yasmin Qureshi | Part One - A Fun Photoshoot

Us bloggers just LOVE an excuse to be in front of the camera and this all about the work I've done with photographer Yasmin Qureshi.