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Blognix 14

Saturday 14th June, I went to Blognix 14. It's a one day conference for bloggers, organised by the lovely Elizabeth Sellers of Rosalilium . This was my first bloggers conference, so I was beyond excited to be going. I went with two hats on - work and personal. My company sent me and I managed to glean a lot for both. It's kind of scary heading to a conference by yourself but if I'm going to be doing this more in the future, Blognix was an excellent place to start. The whole day was so well organised. There was no confusion about what was happening when, there were super friendly members of the team greeting you and registering you and it started on time. After Elizabeth had welcomed everyone, she started the talks off with her very own, titled  Brand Like You Mean It: Actionable Steps To Building A Strong Blog Brand. Branding has been the forefront of my thinking for Inside Melly's Mind, lately. She gave some amazing tips. Here are the things I'll be cons

Fallen Angel Bakery

There are few things sweeter than waking up on a Saturday and knowing that you have a few hours to spend with a lovely friend or take some time out for yourself. That's why I'm so thankful that I only work during the week (sorry those of you that work weekends).  Today has been particularly fabulous, as I've spent it with a friend, in a new place.  I'm a sucker for a great hideaway to do some reading, writing or general pondering and if there are drinks and cupcakes, count me in.  Well today, we headed off on our adventures with a hyperactive two year old to keep occupied and found ourselves at Fallen Angel, a gorgeous little bakery, on Harborne High Street. What child doesn't love cake? The display case of cupcakes is certainly tempting but I opted for a mocha cupcake and tea. Cassy had a red velvet cupcake and tea too. I was pleasantly surprised, when the tea came in two charming hand-painted teapots - some of which they have on sale, in a couple of differen