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Inside Melly's Wardrobe | Bardot Tops and Tobacco Boots

Hey there! It has been a ridiculously long time since I posted an outfit, so here's a look that I wore recently. This year, I want to make an effort to share more of what I wear because sometimes, I look alright, you know? Part of the reason that I don't share my outfits is because I'm not a big time fashion blogger. Well, that's not going to stop me. Prepare to delve inside my wardrobe a little more. One item that I can't get enough of this summer is an  off-shoulder top . I've never been a fan of the colour orange on me but I love this burnt shade. I styled this one in particular with a pair of supersoft  black skinny jeans . The boots I'm wearing are a recent favourite. I love this tobacco colour. Can you believe they were only £5? Thank you, Primark.  This stunning  tan tote bag  was a gift from my gorgeous friend Kim, for helping to organise her baby shower. I love it so much! I am obsessed with large bags. I especiall


Bonjour! This is a super quick and super short post...