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Lessons from Dirty Dancing

This film had taught me a lot. Mostly that I love dance and Patrick Swayze. It ignited the passion to dance, in me, when I was younger. But now, watching it with a different mind-set has taught me some valuable lessons. Baby comes into the story on a family holiday as the shy, unheard member of her family, who very much lives in the shadow of her flamboyant older sister and she meets Johnny who has a bit of a bad boy reputation around the resort. They meet when Baby carries a watermelon into the dancehall and she sees him getting his groove on. So my life lesson is this: one watermelon can change your life. And that in a season when you feel ordinary, one simple action could change everything. Baby didn’t know that carrying a watermelon would change the course of her whole time there. You never know who is going to come across your path, when you’re just doing something ordinary. And when that person crosses your path, learn from them . They may only be there for a time. She wasn’t g