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What to Wear: New Term

The new term is almost upon us. New term = new clothes. Oh, and lots of reading in preparation, of course. But going back to school/college handily coincides with the coming Autumn season - what better excuse do you need to revamp your wardrobe?  At uni, my style stepped up, thank goodness. But I look back at what I wore during my college days and literally die inside. So, this post is partly for all the students out there who are stuck for ideas. But it's partly for me to fantasize about how I wish I'd dressed at college.  Believe me, it is possible to be slightly lazy when those winter mornings arrive and you're getting ready in a rush (because you wanted the extra few minutes in bed. No? Just me?) and still look gorgeous. Bomber Jacket - ASOS  | Denim Shirt - New Look  | Mickey Mouse Hoodie - Forever 21 |   Grey Top - Forever 21 | Denim Shorts - River Island | Dark Red Shorts - River Island | Grey Skinny Jeans - New Look | Black Leggings - Topshop