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Start A Business. Mind Your Own | A Rant

We need to stop imposing what we want on other people.  I had a conversation with a friend the other day who, in a round about way, suggested that I'm boring.  Yes, I was in bed watching a documentary about Poundland - which is brilliant by the way - but their response of 'Lol, you need a holiday' really upset me. For a number of reasons.  First of all , you need to mind your own business.  You're not in a position to tell me what I need because you don't know enough about where I'm at.  Jobs aren't the same as careers. I cannot just abandon ship and let the company replace me. I am the company, at this moment in time. Leave people be.  There is nothing more insulting than 'you know what you need to do?' kind of people.  You can't take directions from people who've never been where you're headed. Also, don't   take advice from someone who has never built anything.  One thing that I've learnt i

Adventures in Dublin

At the end of March, I cleared off to Dublin with my family. Myself, my mom, two of my aunties and my cousin headed off on the Tuesday morning, from Birmingham Airport.  It's no secret that I love a mini  break. It's always nice to head off to another city for a short time. We arrived on Tuesday and left late on Friday evening.  Millennium Bridge We stayed in Staycity Apartments. They're quite basic but perfect for what we needed. We thought that we'd be sharing one but ended up splitting across two. So myself and my cousin shared one and left the grown ups in the other one.  They're really ideally located and the staff were so helpful. The tram is literally a minute walk from the apartment and there are shops and restaurants everywhere.  The first evening was pretty low key.  We strolled a little and found a Tex Mex restaurant, near to the apartment, for our second night.  Nachos for my starter  The steak was lovely. Wasn&

BEDM 2015: Adventure | Paris

Paris, baby In August 2012, I headed off to Paris for a couple of days...and I fell in love...

What 2014 Has Taught Me

It's the end of the year. I've been reflecting on what 2014 has taught me...

BEDM | Wishlist

Bonjour! I have been such a fail on the BEDM front. But...what I think I might do is go back through the content plan and write a few posts. I've thoroughly enjoyed having a browse of all yours. Sadly, circumstances haven't allowed much time for me to be on top of my content, which sucks. Today's topic is wishlist. I could have written a pay day one but...mine has already gone. So, I thought a travel one would be more interesting. I've been to Ilfracombe (it's so gorgeous) but I haven't been to any of the others. Can't believe how much beauty I'm missing out on - more or less on my doorstep!      So, that's my wish list, folks! How many have you been to? Any other recommendations? Much love,   Melly xoxo