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Melly's Musings: I'm Not Dead

Ciao! Haven't written on here in suuuuuch a long time. And that's unacceptable. I've really missed blogging but to be honest, I had a bit of a crisis of confidence. You know, the usual questions... - who's reading this? - I wonder what they'll think - what if their blog is better than mine? - what if people don't like it? Well, I've made the decision this week to stop caring about all of that and blog anyway! Do I have a million followers? No. Am I in fashion magazines? No. Is my photography the best? No. Does everyone agree with what I have to say? No. But does any of that matter? No, it does not. I named this blog Inside Melly's Mind because this is my little space on the internet (vast as it is) to do with it as I please. But the break hasn't been all bad. If anything, it has made me realise how much I miss blogging. So I am back. I'll put no pressure on myself about what to blog and when. For now, I'm going to just run with it