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Inside Melly's Wardrobe | Bardot Tops and Tobacco Boots

Hey there! It has been a ridiculously long time since I posted an outfit, so here's a look that I wore recently. This year, I want to make an effort to share more of what I wear because sometimes, I look alright, you know? Part of the reason that I don't share my outfits is because I'm not a big time fashion blogger. Well, that's not going to stop me. Prepare to delve inside my wardrobe a little more. One item that I can't get enough of this summer is an  off-shoulder top . I've never been a fan of the colour orange on me but I love this burnt shade. I styled this one in particular with a pair of supersoft  black skinny jeans . The boots I'm wearing are a recent favourite. I love this tobacco colour. Can you believe they were only £5? Thank you, Primark.  This stunning  tan tote bag  was a gift from my gorgeous friend Kim, for helping to organise her baby shower. I love it so much! I am obsessed with large bags. I especiall

Working with Yasmin Qureshi | Part One - A Fun Photoshoot

Us bloggers just LOVE an excuse to be in front of the camera and this all about the work I've done with photographer Yasmin Qureshi.


Bonjour! This is a super quick and super short post...

Outfit Post: Fedora Fun

Just a quick outfit post... This is actually an outfit that I wore a while ago but I've only just decided to post this on here. I already shared it on Instagram . Fedora - Topshop | Blouse - New Look | Trousers - Primark | Shoes - Peacocks | Necklace - Topshop Being naughty, running away from the camera My nails that day. Nails Inc. Shoreditch and Rimmel Matte Finish top coat I am literally obsessed with gorgeous trousers, so when I spotted the pair I'm wearing in this outfit, I had to have them. They were £6 (!!) from Primark, in the sale this summer. They're a fantastic fit and the cut looks fab with heels or flats. I definitely plan to add more hats to my wardrobe, now that Autumn is approaching. I've seen a beautiful burgundy one in Peacocks that I'm obsessed with. That's going on my wish list, which I'll probably post on here. Hopefully, I'll be posting more outfits soon and I'm thinking of doing a week in m

Outfit Post: Monochrome Candy

I've thrown together a very quick outfit post...

Outfit Post: Mr Birds Emporium

The camera was on the wrong setting but this is my fave pic now  As promised in my previous post , I have blogged the outfit that I wore to the store opening.

Outfit Post: New Camera

It sucks when friends have to cancel plans. But I decided to take full advantage of the fact that I was already fully dressed, wearing a full face of make up and had a bit of a play with my camera. I have a tripod now. Well, my dad's tripod - same difference.

Outfit Post: Focus Day

As promised, here is the entry on last week's Focus Day outfit. I decided on an outfit that would stand out amongst my old school uniform. Think: black blazer, white shirt, black blue and white striped tie. Hideous. Bland. My aim was to show the students that there was a life beyond school. Am I a celebrity? No, thank goodness. But an outfit should do two things: intrigue others and make you feel fabulous. Anyway, following Focus Day, I headed to my honorary sister's house, for a post-birthday catch-up. There's a tree by her house, and none by mine. So, I made her take my photo, with this very post in mind. And here are the results.  Mid-walk shot  Just so happy to be up a tree Jacket - Glam Boutique, Old Hill| Vest Top - Designer Room | Jeans - | Shoes - Vivienne Westwood for Melissa | Sunglasses - free with July 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan I have come to the conclusion that I still thoroughly enjoy climbing trees. Hope you've e