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Fallen Angel Bakery

There are few things sweeter than waking up on a Saturday and knowing that you have a few hours to spend with a lovely friend or take some time out for yourself. That's why I'm so thankful that I only work during the week (sorry those of you that work weekends).  Today has been particularly fabulous, as I've spent it with a friend, in a new place.  I'm a sucker for a great hideaway to do some reading, writing or general pondering and if there are drinks and cupcakes, count me in.  Well today, we headed off on our adventures with a hyperactive two year old to keep occupied and found ourselves at Fallen Angel, a gorgeous little bakery, on Harborne High Street. What child doesn't love cake? The display case of cupcakes is certainly tempting but I opted for a mocha cupcake and tea. Cassy had a red velvet cupcake and tea too. I was pleasantly surprised, when the tea came in two charming hand-painted teapots - some of which they have on sale, in a couple of differen