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BEDM | Wishlist

Bonjour! I have been such a fail on the BEDM front. But...what I think I might do is go back through the content plan and write a few posts. I've thoroughly enjoyed having a browse of all yours. Sadly, circumstances haven't allowed much time for me to be on top of my content, which sucks. Today's topic is wishlist. I could have written a pay day one but...mine has already gone. So, I thought a travel one would be more interesting. I've been to Ilfracombe (it's so gorgeous) but I haven't been to any of the others. Can't believe how much beauty I'm missing out on - more or less on my doorstep!      So, that's my wish list, folks! How many have you been to? Any other recommendations? Much love,   Melly xoxo  

#BEDM | What Is Your Blog All About?

So...for the second year running, I am going to attempt to Blog Every Day in May. Only, I missed the first day. Oops. But here's the first post...