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Melly's Musings: World Suicide Prevention Day

My musings are usually quite light-hearted and although important to me, may go over the heads of other people. After all, the outfit I'm wearing or thoughts on my career may not affect everybody. However, I hope that this post will provoke your thoughts and provoke you into action. September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day. As soon as this was brought to my attention (about 2 hours prior to writing this), I realised how profoundly the brief encounters I had had with suicide had affected my thoughts on it. About a year ago, I encouraged a lady that I knew, from church. Truth is, she's a real inspiration. She's a cancer survivor and a mom. All I said to her was that I was inspired by her strength, faith and amazing attitude. No matter what, she held it together and still found ways to encourage and get alongside other people. Following that, she actually came to me and thanked me. Adding that she had been extremely close to the edge and that my comment had helpe