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Pinterest UK Training, Cocktails and Catch-Ups

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Pinterest UK training, run by the fabulous Elizabeth ( Rosalilium ). Followed by cocktails and nibbles... The training itself took place at Work + Play at Malmaison. We had half an hour or so to mingle and grab coffee, then sat down for the talk.  I think it was over an hour long but I was so engrossed in what Elizabeth was saying, the time flew by. Did you know that... - Pinterest is not a social media platform but a catalogue of ideas? - 75% of all content is generated by businesses and blogs? - no other platform has a more receptive audience than Pinterest? - hashtags don't work on Pinterest? I've come away from the training with a whole list of things to do, to improve myself as a pinner. I'm very excited, especially as I've been hearing about how other bloggers have used Pinterest as an element of their blog strategy and how that's worked for them. Goodies! Thank you, Pinterest UK. I also

Something New About Yourself - what I'm listening to lately

It's the first day of Blog Everyday in November. I couldn't think of random facts about myself that anyone would find interesting are some songs that I recently heard and cannot get out of my head.

Blognix 14

Saturday 14th June, I went to Blognix 14. It's a one day conference for bloggers, organised by the lovely Elizabeth Sellers of Rosalilium . This was my first bloggers conference, so I was beyond excited to be going. I went with two hats on - work and personal. My company sent me and I managed to glean a lot for both. It's kind of scary heading to a conference by yourself but if I'm going to be doing this more in the future, Blognix was an excellent place to start. The whole day was so well organised. There was no confusion about what was happening when, there were super friendly members of the team greeting you and registering you and it started on time. After Elizabeth had welcomed everyone, she started the talks off with her very own, titled  Brand Like You Mean It: Actionable Steps To Building A Strong Blog Brand. Branding has been the forefront of my thinking for Inside Melly's Mind, lately. She gave some amazing tips. Here are the things I'll be cons


Bonjour! This is a super quick and super short post...

Blog Every Day in May #1: 5 Lines

Hello readers! I've decided to challenge myself a little bit and found the perfect way to do it. I'm doing Blog Every Day in May  - the genius idea from  Rosalilium  - a fab Birmingham blogger who I discovered just today, actually.  The first challenge is to introduce yourself in 5 lines and include a photo you're proud of. So, here goes.... 1) My name is Melissa 2) I'm a writer and freelance copywriter 3) I live about 9 miles away from Birmingham 4) Just finishing my MA in Writing 5) I never feel busy enough There are plenty of other random things about me. 33 more in fact can be found here . And a photo that I'm proud of. I think it'll have to be this one... The hard work paid off And that's all there is about me for now. Looking forward to tomorrow's challenge and actually having time to read other's posts - I've found some fab ones already. Much love, Melly xoxo P.S. Sorry to those of you that read this and already know that

TAG: Why Do You Wear Makeup?

Tagged by Becky, over at TwentyNothing , today I'm writing all about why I wear makeup.

Melly's Musings: Cyber Bullying

Morning. I hadn't planned to write this post - it wasn't scheduled or anything like that but I decided that something needed to be said. Over the past few days, I've had a couple of rather unpleasant comments on here. I won't dwell on them but the first one was a little cheeky. The second was downright mean and nasty. Now, I'm all for constructive criticism and I work constantly to improve the quality of what's on the blog, with regular features etc. And even invested in (read: was gifted with) a new camera. So, you have to understand that the blog is a work in progress. Also, might I add, a hobby. I work full time. One comment asked me my 'credentials'. My job is in Marketing, within the internet development team of a top UK jeweller. I don't need credentials to write a blog. Being a blogger is about having an interest in something. It's also about being brave enough to put yourself out there and I will always expect comments from people.