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How I Stay Organised

Paper or digital? How do you prefer to stay organised, day-to-day? When you have a lot of plates to spin, it's easy to get a) overwhelmed and b) forgetful. Half of the stress of managing a busy life is planning and preparation. Here's how I stay organised. Although we very much live in a digital age, I am a pen and paper girl at heart. I just love to write things down. For day-to-day planning and writing down dates, I use my Bright Side diary. It's created by Rachel Bright and she is an absolute genius. It's not just a little book filled with dates, the copy all the way through is very funny and each month, there is a page of inspiration and a mantra to think about. Can't wait for my 2016 diary Alongside that, I use a little notebook to write to-do lists. I split each one down into categories. So, I typically make a blog to-do list, a client to-do and then any other random things like 'popping to the bank', or whatever. The team over at Nu