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Five Happy Things #3

It's time for part three of my Five Happy Things series. What's made you happy lately? 1) A lovely brunch date Can all Mondays kick off with a brunch date please? Last week, I met up with my wonderful friend Jacqui. No matter what stage you are at in your life, you should have people around you who inspire and encourage you. Jacqui is one of those people. She manages a career as a doctor, a family and a busy social life. When I grow up, I want to be like her. We chatted and caught up and shared what was going on in our lives. A fab couple of hours. The Plough in Harborne is one of my favourite brunch spots. The atmosphere is great. I cannot wait to see  how the place looks, once their expansion work is finished. This Eggs Benedict was so good 2) Work I went full time freelance with Honey Bee Copywriting one year ago and I'm so thankful for the place I'm in right now. There are still some goals that I am working towards but I've had the privilege to w

Five Happy Things #2

It's been a while. Here are five things that have made me happy, over the past couple of weeks.

Five Happy Things #1

Thought I'd do a little post of the things that have made me happy last week. It hasn't been the happiest week ever but you have to choose to be happy. So, that's what I'm doing. 1. Catching up with friends at the weekend It's something I really took for granted at one point but grabbing a couple of hours with people that you love is so precious! I had coffee with Andriana on Saturday. She's one of my forever friends, so although it was only just over an hour, I laughed so much. She's awesome. Then, I had lunch at The Swallow's Nest with Lisa. She was my travel buddy, when we headed to Paris in 2012 and this week, she moves away to start a brand new chapter, as an au pair in Switzerland. I'll miss her like crazy but shall see her soon. (More on that story later). best bud came back from her holiday. I'd missed her! She bought me presents. Thanks, Bek! 2. Payday purchases! Who doesn't love payday? I'm meant to be s