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How I Stay Organised

Paper or digital? How do you prefer to stay organised, day-to-day? When you have a lot of plates to spin, it's easy to get a) overwhelmed and b) forgetful. Half of the stress of managing a busy life is planning and preparation. Here's how I stay organised. Although we very much live in a digital age, I am a pen and paper girl at heart. I just love to write things down. For day-to-day planning and writing down dates, I use my Bright Side diary. It's created by Rachel Bright and she is an absolute genius. It's not just a little book filled with dates, the copy all the way through is very funny and each month, there is a page of inspiration and a mantra to think about. Can't wait for my 2016 diary Alongside that, I use a little notebook to write to-do lists. I split each one down into categories. So, I typically make a blog to-do list, a client to-do and then any other random things like 'popping to the bank', or whatever. The team over at Nu

Fun at Focus Day

I had a bit of a change from the norm today. A welcome break from my new full time status and an all round brilliant one, at that. I awoke to a text from my old English teacher the other day, asking if I would like to go back to school to assist with Focus Day. I thought about my answer for all of about five seconds, before promising to get in touch with her, as soon as I had asked for the morning off work. As mentioned in my previous post , I have a new job. So I felt a little bit cheeky asking for time off but they were fine about it, on the condition that I made the time up. I arrived to a reserved visitors parking space but I didn't take a photo to treasure the memory (boo). It's always nice to pop in (very) occasionally and say hi to the teachers that you actually liked and blank out the awful bits of school. Media and English were where I hung out, so I was happy to be hanging out there. I thought Focus Day was fun, as a teenager but it's even better when you&