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The Big Bloggers MeetUp 16

I had a great time on Saturday, mingling with some other bloggers and getting inspired. I've been making a conscious effort in 2016 to go to more blogger events and be more involved in the blogosphere in general. I feel like I could do better but it's going well, so far. When I saw that the Big Bloggers Meet Up was happening, I made a mental note to go along to it. June came round so quickly that I almost forgot. Anyway, a mere £5.50 later, I was booked in and ready to get the train the next day. We arrived Stirlings Bar, in St Paul's Square just about on time. I invited my cousin Naomi along, as she's about to launch into the blogosphere too. I figured it would be good for her to network and she loved it. The first talk was from super lovely Jem, founder of Iced Jems . She talked about how her brand grew and what she did to get to where she is now. She owns a lovely baking shop in Stourbridge, not too far from me, so I'll be popping in some time. I

Melly's Musings: Working Girl

So, I've been rather naughty and neglected this blog a little but I'm back. And thought it’d be cool to show you what I’ve been up to, at work. As you’ll know, from this post , I’m a marketing copywriter for a fabulous jewellers . And as if by some miracle, the main crux of my job description is to blog. Woohoo! It’s like a dream come true. So, here are a couple of the guest posts that I’ve done for other blogs, on behalf of T H Baker. One post is all about how I’ll be rocking maxi skirts this summer. Which, as far as I’m concerned are the go-to item for this weird we’re-not-quite-sure-if-it’s-really-summer sort of weather. They look great with just a vest top or layered up with a gilet. Anyway, enough of my yapping, you can check the post out here . And secondly, I wrote a little Graduation Gift Guide – handy for this time of year, so check it out. I feel so blessed to have walked into a job, literally 5 weeks after finishing my degree. Although, it’s more excit

Outfit Post: Birmingham Vintage Fair - May 2012

Feeling so terrible about being a lazy blogger. Fact is, I'm not solely a fashion blogger, so Outfit of the Day posts are a total fail, for me. I'm working on it. I shall hopefully be getting a camera, for graduation. Yay! So bear with me, on the photography front. However, I did actually manage to get a super cool photo or two, last Saturday. One of my best buds and myself headed to Digbeth, Birmingham for the Birmingham Vintage Fair. I'll do a separate post about the fair itself, but thought I'd share the outfit. It's also on  LOOKBOOK , so if any of you guys are on there, you know what to do. Anyway, here are the pictures. More than anything, I was absolutely loving the scenery around me. The tyres and scrap that you can see in the photos were the entrance to a car park and the bridge is by a canal, in Birmingham. I'm hoping I managed to defy Stu Bradley's  How To Pose Like A Fashion Blogger  at least once. The first photo is just me bei