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Prince: The Loss of an Icon

This is probably the most difficult blog post I've ever written and I still don't want to believe it's true. I was standing in New Look, trying on a skirt, when I read that Prince had passed away. I was confused at first and thought it may have been a hoax. As soon as I saw it confirmed by the Associated Press, I knew it was true. From that moment, I haven't really felt the same. I managed to more or less hold it together, whilst we finished our shopping. It hadn't sunk in yet. I posted a picture on Instagram but managed to avoid most of the tributes online. When I pulled up at home, 'Sometimes It Snows in April' (from the Parade album) came on the radio. I listened to it in its entirety and then sobbed. When I got inside, I cried some more. I always knew that this day would come but it really does feel as though the world is in mourning and I never thought that it would be so soon. I've certainly never had such a heavy heart, over the death of a

Wednesday Wish List #3: August Pay Day

This week's Wednesday Wish List is all about Pay Day. I wouldn't usually make a big deal out of what I plan to buy around Pay Day but I've got a few items in mind that I thought I'd share with you all.