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Love Mondays

Mondays get such a bad rap, don't they? Here's how I have my best Monday...

Melly's Musings: I'm Not Dead

Ciao! Haven't written on here in suuuuuch a long time. And that's unacceptable. I've really missed blogging but to be honest, I had a bit of a crisis of confidence. You know, the usual questions... - who's reading this? - I wonder what they'll think - what if their blog is better than mine? - what if people don't like it? Well, I've made the decision this week to stop caring about all of that and blog anyway! Do I have a million followers? No. Am I in fashion magazines? No. Is my photography the best? No. Does everyone agree with what I have to say? No. But does any of that matter? No, it does not. I named this blog Inside Melly's Mind because this is my little space on the internet (vast as it is) to do with it as I please. But the break hasn't been all bad. If anything, it has made me realise how much I miss blogging. So I am back. I'll put no pressure on myself about what to blog and when. For now, I'm going to just run with it

I Heart January

There's a lot of battling the January blues going around the blogosphere, so I'm throwing my thoughts out there. Here are my top 10 reasons that January does not suck.

Fun at Focus Day

I had a bit of a change from the norm today. A welcome break from my new full time status and an all round brilliant one, at that. I awoke to a text from my old English teacher the other day, asking if I would like to go back to school to assist with Focus Day. I thought about my answer for all of about five seconds, before promising to get in touch with her, as soon as I had asked for the morning off work. As mentioned in my previous post , I have a new job. So I felt a little bit cheeky asking for time off but they were fine about it, on the condition that I made the time up. I arrived to a reserved visitors parking space but I didn't take a photo to treasure the memory (boo). It's always nice to pop in (very) occasionally and say hi to the teachers that you actually liked and blank out the awful bits of school. Media and English were where I hung out, so I was happy to be hanging out there. I thought Focus Day was fun, as a teenager but it's even better when you&