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Personal Styling at Burbo K'Ture

I've never had a personal stylist before, so this was a whole new experience for me. One that I plan to repeat. Paul at Burbo K'Ture is a great talent.

Inside Melly's Wardrobe | Splashes of Colour

It's been a crazy few weeks. This is an outfit that I wore on a day filled with meetings, which included one of my biggest freelance wins yet. Black with a splash of colour is my go-to and you can't go wrong with a red lip, can you?

Photography Workshop with Mental Images and Pèétürh Jackson

Aside from having a horrible cold, I have had a lovely week and on Tuesday, I got to play in front of the camera. See what I got up to... Photo by  Pèétürh Jackson He invited me to be the subject of a photography workshop, at a new collective space called Mental Images . It's set inside Newhampton Arts Centre and houses a fab photography studio service, for commercial and personal use. Everyone from brands to families who want portraits have been using the space and they're very reasonable on price to hire, as well. I've met some of the team and they're great. The whole space is very well-equipped and I'll be using it for a project of mine in the future. It's set in a Victorian school building, so you can even make use of the original features. There's a dressing room there too, so I had somewhere with great lighting and mirrors to do my hair and makeup. I think that there were a lot more photos that I'd have liked but I don't own them. If I g

Inside Melly's Wardrobe | Bardot Tops and Tobacco Boots

Hey there! It has been a ridiculously long time since I posted an outfit, so here's a look that I wore recently. This year, I want to make an effort to share more of what I wear because sometimes, I look alright, you know? Part of the reason that I don't share my outfits is because I'm not a big time fashion blogger. Well, that's not going to stop me. Prepare to delve inside my wardrobe a little more. One item that I can't get enough of this summer is an  off-shoulder top . I've never been a fan of the colour orange on me but I love this burnt shade. I styled this one in particular with a pair of supersoft  black skinny jeans . The boots I'm wearing are a recent favourite. I love this tobacco colour. Can you believe they were only £5? Thank you, Primark.  This stunning  tan tote bag  was a gift from my gorgeous friend Kim, for helping to organise her baby shower. I love it so much! I am obsessed with large bags. I especiall

Inside Melly's Wardrobe | The Blazer

Welcome to my new feature, where I'll be talking about some of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe.


Bonjour! This is a super quick and super short post...

Blog Every Day in May #2: Spring is Here!

Hello! It's been such a gorgeous spring day! And I've actually been able to get out and enjoy it for a couple of hours. Dare I say, I even caught the sun? As you can see, I am in such desperate need of a tan. Anyway, I love spring because it's the perfect excuse to go for a stroll, eat ice cream and fruit salads or even pack a picnic. So basically, I just love food. And sunshine and fun and friends. Oh and fashion. I can't wait to buy some new summer clobber and get my legs out. I've been squatting - I am ready! There's nothing nicer, on a spring day, than heading off to the park. Today, I wrote a little of my MA assignment in the park. I always feel carefree and chilled out, when the sun is on my skin. Just me? Having recently delved deeper into building on my career, I made some exciting plans today and although scary, it was a little bit nicer, doing it in this glorious weather. I grabbed an hour with a friend and even made my very first daisy cha

Outfit Post: Monochrome Candy

I've thrown together a very quick outfit post...

Outfit Post: Mr Birds Emporium

The camera was on the wrong setting but this is my fave pic now  As promised in my previous post , I have blogged the outfit that I wore to the store opening.

Melly's Musings: Cyber Bullying

Morning. I hadn't planned to write this post - it wasn't scheduled or anything like that but I decided that something needed to be said. Over the past few days, I've had a couple of rather unpleasant comments on here. I won't dwell on them but the first one was a little cheeky. The second was downright mean and nasty. Now, I'm all for constructive criticism and I work constantly to improve the quality of what's on the blog, with regular features etc. And even invested in (read: was gifted with) a new camera. So, you have to understand that the blog is a work in progress. Also, might I add, a hobby. I work full time. One comment asked me my 'credentials'. My job is in Marketing, within the internet development team of a top UK jeweller. I don't need credentials to write a blog. Being a blogger is about having an interest in something. It's also about being brave enough to put yourself out there and I will always expect comments from people.

Wednesday Wish List #3: August Pay Day

This week's Wednesday Wish List is all about Pay Day. I wouldn't usually make a big deal out of what I plan to buy around Pay Day but I've got a few items in mind that I thought I'd share with you all.

Outfit Post: Focus Day

As promised, here is the entry on last week's Focus Day outfit. I decided on an outfit that would stand out amongst my old school uniform. Think: black blazer, white shirt, black blue and white striped tie. Hideous. Bland. My aim was to show the students that there was a life beyond school. Am I a celebrity? No, thank goodness. But an outfit should do two things: intrigue others and make you feel fabulous. Anyway, following Focus Day, I headed to my honorary sister's house, for a post-birthday catch-up. There's a tree by her house, and none by mine. So, I made her take my photo, with this very post in mind. And here are the results.  Mid-walk shot  Just so happy to be up a tree Jacket - Glam Boutique, Old Hill| Vest Top - Designer Room | Jeans - | Shoes - Vivienne Westwood for Melissa | Sunglasses - free with July 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan I have come to the conclusion that I still thoroughly enjoy climbing trees. Hope you've e

New Shoes: Fashion for Charity

Ladies! Fashion. You can't escape it. And you know what's even more exciting than just fashion? That's a very good answer...but it's actually fashion for a great cause. No, I'm not just referring to your vintage section in your local charity shop - although it is fab and I myself have found some absolute gems there, I'm actually talking about New Shoes. It's an amazing night of fashion, food, entertainment and it's all for an amazing cause.  All the information you need to know about New Shoes, including  ticket hotline In July of this year, in the West Midlands (Netherton, near Dudley) to be precise, a new home is being opened for girls and women with life-controlling issues (read: addictions, victims of trafficking etc) to get them back on track, restore their dignity, show them their worth and have them experience the amazing love of God and find purpose in their lives.  As you can imagine, an amazing project like that cannot be

Outfit Post: Birmingham Vintage Fair - May 2012

Feeling so terrible about being a lazy blogger. Fact is, I'm not solely a fashion blogger, so Outfit of the Day posts are a total fail, for me. I'm working on it. I shall hopefully be getting a camera, for graduation. Yay! So bear with me, on the photography front. However, I did actually manage to get a super cool photo or two, last Saturday. One of my best buds and myself headed to Digbeth, Birmingham for the Birmingham Vintage Fair. I'll do a separate post about the fair itself, but thought I'd share the outfit. It's also on  LOOKBOOK , so if any of you guys are on there, you know what to do. Anyway, here are the pictures. More than anything, I was absolutely loving the scenery around me. The tyres and scrap that you can see in the photos were the entrance to a car park and the bridge is by a canal, in Birmingham. I'm hoping I managed to defy Stu Bradley's  How To Pose Like A Fashion Blogger  at least once. The first photo is just me bei