A New Adventure | Introducing: Honey Bee Home

Exciting news, everyone! Something that  I've been working on for a really long time is so so close to launching and I wanted to share more detail with you.

I first had the idea for Honey Bee Home about four years ago. I remember watching 'Kirstie's Fill Your House For Free' and thinking 'I could do that.'

From then, I ran the idea of starting an upcycled furniture boutique past a few people and they seemed to think it was a great idea.

One Saturday, I bought a table from a charity shop, listed it on Etsy and magically expected it to sell. I soon realised that that wasn't enough. The more I thought about the idea, the more I realised that just selling furniture wasn't going to be enough. I needed a brand.

From then, I started to think up names. My existing business was already named Honey Bee Copywriting, so it made sense to put it under the same umbrella. After some names and been thrown around, Honey Bee Home was the name that stuck. It's short, sweet and to the point. There's room for it to evolve and include as much or as little under the guise 'homeware' as I like.

I got serious about creating the brand last year. I commissioned a designer to create my logo and she did a fantastic job. Next, I started to create a social media presence. It's all still very much a work in progress but I'm happy with everything so far.

At some point in time, and I don't remember exactly when it was, I decided that furniture wasn't going to be enough. Which is when Honey Bee Home evolved into what it is now. I threw accessories into the mix. I'm so glad that I made that decision because has elevated it to somewhat of a luxury offering.

I've spent hours looking for suppliers and curating a range that I think people will really love and want in their home. There's vision behind it and it's what drives me.

The more I've immersed myself into the world of Interiors, the less time I've wanted to spend anywhere else.

Last week was the photoshoot for the first collection and I am ecstatic with how it's turned out. Yasmin Qureshi - who I've worked with before - is amazing. I've only seen one image so far and I'm madly in love. Seriously.

It's going to be a labour of love but the 'shop' aspect of the website should be ready for launch in May. I can't wait to be able to show you more of the range. I really believe that there's a beautiful luxury touch for everyone. In the meantime, there's a lovely blog section for you to browse through and a regular newsletter. Head over to www.honeybeehome.co.uk to join the beehive.

Thanks so much for stopping by! See you in my next post. 

Lots of love, 



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