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So I finally faced it and I've entered my 20's. I won't say I'm 'in my 20's' yet though. Give that a couple of years. It's a massive cliche but I really am amazed at how time flies. School is becoming a more distant memory, college still feels like yesterday and more memories are being made all of the time. I know that we shouldn't live in the past but it is good to reflect, every so often. Have I achieved everything I wanted to in the last few years? In my teenage years, even? All except a relationship, I think. But even they have come and gone. Which is another thought. 'Is it possible to be 'just friends' with your ex?' Some people are happy to drift through their lives but I've never been that way. I see my future, or I at least try. Imagination truly is key. 'Seeing it before you see it' is essential when exercising your faith. How can we hope for something that we have not already envisaged? On my birthday, I