What 2016 Taught Me

It's time for my annual post on what lessons I'll be taking away from 2016...

I am not sorry for who I am

Sadly, you will encounter people who are uncomfortable with who you are, for whatever reason. Sometimes, it comes from insecurity. Sometimes, it comes from a simple lack of understanding (or unwillingness to understand). You cannot please everybody, nor should you have to.

This year, I've come up against mockery for being a fashion blogger, criticism for posting my outfits and other comments of that nature. I could very easily have stopped there and then but I've enjoyed improving my Instagram and blog this year.

There are so many things about me that make me who I am; my work, my blog, my passion for interiors, my passion for business, my love for people, various charitable initiatives, side projects,  my love for fashion, dancing in public and everything else.

It's taken so many years to reach a point where I don't just tolerate who I am but actually embrace it. There will always be those who feel as though they have a right to pass judgement on that, mock you for it or even convince you to change - shut those voices out.

As long as I love God, love people, reach down to those who have nothing and strive to live excellently, that is truly all that matters.

Sometimes, I'm the only person in my way 

I've wasted so much time deliberating over whether I should launch Honey Bee Home, whether or not I should start vlogging, how I should structure my business, whether I'm capable of what I think I'm capable of and everything else that I've talked myself out of.

I know that fear of others' opinions have made me stop in my tracks this year and I need to stop doing that.

Start with what you have

This year, my cousin began a brand new initiative called 'For Homeless People' and she asked me to be a part of the team. I wrote all about it here. Are we going to solve the problem of homelessness singlehandedly? Absolutely not. We do what we can, when we can for who we can and wholeheartedly believe that the vision for what is now a small charity is going to grow and be something that shows God's love to those who may feel it the least.

Even a sandwich and a smile has touched people's hearts this year. We're believing for big things in 2017 but had we never started, we'd have nowhere to grow from.

You may not feel that you can make a big impact in this world. Instead, make a big impact in your world. Start that thing that you can't stop thinking about. Encourage someone. Set up the social media for that new business idea. Just don't feel as though you have nothing to offer. There is always value to be added somewhere.

Nothing is worth more than you or your peace 

If something in your life requires you to destroy yourself, in order to keep it, let it go. I'm talking about habits, relationships, a job, anything. This year, I feel almost as if I forgot my worth at times.

I've started to say no to projects that I don't feel right about and let go of relationships that took more than they gave. Next year, I'm not letting anything take my peace.

I've been asking myself two questions this year, when I come up against something that has disturbed my peace: is this enriching my life? Is this paying my bills?
If the answer to either one was 'no', then I shook it off. It's not easy to walk away sometimes but I've realised that it makes room for the things that you are really meant to have.

 Adulting is hard 

It just is. Bills, business, time management, relationships, learning new things, going to new places. There is so much to keep up with but this is the life that I asked for. Half of the fun of being in your twenties is navigating all of this glorious mess. I am less worried about ticking things off what is considered 'grown up'. Everything will happen in its time. There is so much about life to love and enjoy.

That's all, folks! There have been a lot of laughs and accomplishments to be thankful for. My schedule for 2017 is looking pretty packed already but I am so excited! 

Love you loads and thank you for reading Inside Melly's Mind this year. Happy new year!

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Melly xo 


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