What 2015 Taught Me

I wrote a post like this last year, and to be honest, I had put writing this one off.

No particular reason, other than the fact that I was busy enjoying those few blissfully uneventful days, following Christmas. I call them the 'dead days'.

I've decided that it's possibly one of my favourite times of the year. Guilt-free me-time!

I feel like I have learnt a lot about myself as a person this year and that is important.

Slow down

Burn-out, amongst freelancers is more common than people care to admit. This year, I have taken the time to slow down.

There's more to life than 'turning up.'

It is absolutely okay to go out. In fact, I love to go out and have a boogie but there is more to life than posting grainy photos on your Snapchat story.

Success does not happen overnight

This was the toughest lesson for me. Building a great freelance career from scratch is harder than it sounds. I would never go back on my decision but I didn't realise how frustrated I would feel at times.

I care less about what people think

I am almost 25 and the older I have gotten, the less I care about what people think of me, my decisions and what I want to do.

This isn't to say that anyone has criticised me. However, I used to constantly worry about what other people would think. 'Are they doing the same thing?'
'Will they still think I'm cool?'

Those kind of thoughts still pop into my head but I've realised something: it doesn't matter. It's usually all in your head anyway. Other people are busy worrying about the same things that you are.

I love my body

Is it perfect? No. But it is the only body I have and if I don't like something, I can change it. Could I be fitter, more toned? Of course. And I am working on being healthier but I refuse to hate myself. The moment you stop loving who you are, you begin to look for your validation in others. That is dangerous emotional territory.

I can honestly look in the mirror, flaws and all and accept who I am. I'm not going to wait until everything sags to love what I have been given.

Count your blessings

It's such a cliché but it does so much for you. Especially in the moments of despair when I wish I was richer/thinner/more popular (insert word here).

I'm great company

Yep, I said it. This year, I decided that I wasn't going to make plans on Friday nights and I've absolutely loved it. The way I see it is, I won't be alone forever. I may as well enjoy this time. I haven't lost any friends because of this either and for some irrational reason, that was a fear of mine.

Let your failures motivate you

Nobody enjoys failure but it happens to us all. This year, there were situations where I could have done better. I could have done more for my blog. I could have done more prospecting. I could have worked out more. Honestly, I could go on and on.

I've learnt that living in regret won't change a single thing. Looking at what I can do differently and making a plan is the best way to move forward and getting the best out of a bad situation. Maybe you messed up big time in 2015; just take a deep breath, forgive yourself and decide how you're going to do better next time.

Family time is precious. 

Remember your teenage phase, where it just didn't feel cool to hang out with your folks? Well, I'm finally over that. This year, I made amazing memories with my family. We're all so busy that it can be easy to neglect your loved ones.

Whatever you're hoping for in 2016, make sure that you have a plan and take time for yourself and the people who love you.

Happy new year

Lots of love, 

Melly xo 


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