BEDM 2015: Adventure | Paris

Paris, baby

In August 2012, I headed off to Paris for a couple of days...and I fell in love...

Can you believe that I started this post way back in 2012? That is procrastination at its finest. I got so overwhelmed that I gave up and it remained a draft.

I really don't know where to start with this post because it was all so gorgeous! Lots of fun, food and sunshine. I was a shameless tourist, with my camera out as often as possible. I was eager to take everything in, with it being my first time there and all.

All black
Keepin' the look simple for the first night

Our room. My bed (on the left) did not stay tidy for long

 The view from our hotel room

I know it's sad but I've always wanted to do that!

Doing a little bit of writing, by the Eiffel Tower
View of the River Seine

Feeling slightly impressed...

...with my...

...images of the street dancers

Paris was my first grown-up get away. I'd just finished uni that year, been at my first graduate job for a couple of months and was feeling all young and free and stuff.

My lovely friend Lisa suggested that we head off on the bank holiday weekend. Well timed for her birthday too.

On the first evening (Sunday), we headed to the restaurant near to our hotel. We didn't stay in the city centre but it was still quite busy where we were.

Monday was when we really did some exploring, once we'd figured out the Metro and how we were going to get around. Shoutout to my French language GCSE!

The Eiffel Tower is absolutely breathtaking, up close. I felt like I was in a dream and the weather was absolutely stunning. After we'd explored a little, we strolled our way around and found somewhere for lunch.

We found an Italian restaurant. Yes, it was delightful
But of course, we found a Starbucks

We had a stroll along the Champs-Élysées, did a spot of shopping (I went wild in Sephora) and then headed back to get ready for the evening.

Because everything looks better in black and white 
Dinner was so good. We went back to the restaurant down the road from where we were staying. I don't remember the name of it but we stayed in the Hotel de Bellevue. It was reasonably priced, 3 star - just what we were after, really.

The birthday girl

Steak face. 10oz, baby!

We stumbled across a little wine bar after dinner (and a long walk to get there). The original bar that we intended to go to was closed for the season. 

Tuesday was my favourite day. We spent the day in a gorgeous park called Les Parc des Buttes Chaumont. It's absolutely stunning. And it's enormous! I had such a great time. 

Here are some snaps...

Hello there

Lovin' life

This? In a park? 'Mazing.

This makes me think of Indiana Jones

Gorgeous view


Hello, Dix!

It is quite clear how excited food makes me. This salad was so darn good

 And that's it. There were a couple of the tourist destinations that we didn't bother with. I think if we had stayed an extra day or written a packed itinerary, we could have done it all. But it was nice to just take it easy, enjoy the city and slow down.

I love a mini break. I always come back feeling refreshed and I seem to get many of my great ideas come to me, when I'm away. Paris was also fantastic research for my MA work - as some of it was set in Paris. Writing it later on that year and it 2013 made it all so much more authentic.

For me, adventure is an excuse to lose yourself a little, forget your troubles and recharge. It doesn't even have to be abroad. You can go on an adventure in your own city, if you just take a different route, or visit a place nearby that you've never been to before.

Where was your last adventure? Or where would you like for your next one to be? 

Hope you've enjoyed Paris through my eyes! 

Much love, 




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