Blognix 14

Saturday 14th June, I went to Blognix 14. It's a one day conference for bloggers, organised by the lovely Elizabeth Sellers of Rosalilium.

This was my first bloggers conference, so I was beyond excited to be going. I went with two hats on - work and personal. My company sent me and I managed to glean a lot for both. It's kind of scary heading to a conference by yourself but if I'm going to be doing this more in the future, Blognix was an excellent place to start.

The whole day was so well organised. There was no confusion about what was happening when, there were super friendly members of the team greeting you and registering you and it started on time.

After Elizabeth had welcomed everyone, she started the talks off with her very own, titled Brand Like You Mean It: Actionable Steps To Building A Strong Blog Brand.

Branding has been the forefront of my thinking for Inside Melly's Mind, lately. She gave some amazing tips.

Here are the things I'll be considering, when I finally sit down in a couple of weeks' time, to think about my blog's brand.

What are the core values of my blog?

How do I want Inside Melly's Mind to make people feel?

How can I instill the values of my blog, at every given opportunity?

Do I have a niche, and what is it?

What am I going to write about?

How do I want Inside Melly's Mind to look?

They're tough questions but I'm looking forward to giving the whole blog a refreshing overhaul, in the near future.

Next up, was Emma Cossey was going us the lowdown on freelance life. As someone who has freelanced, I was nodding enthusiastically, as she did some much needed myth busting. For the record, we don't sit around in our pyjamas all of the time - just some. We aren't available to just pop out for lunch, when you've got some annual leave and yes, we do see daylight sometimes.


This is going to make a handy book bag 

Inside the goody bag. Utterly obsessed with this little jar glass situation

And again

Where the after party was held but I missed it :(

These little conversation starters from Scarlett of Soho were such a great idea 

Lovely Lucy Heath showing us the wonders of natural light

Ah Digbeth, raw and unpolished - I love you 

Lots of chatter 

The Blognix bake-off goodies

And here's what I wore...(thank you to Rabbia, from Asian Wedding Ideas for taking the photos)

What's that you're wearing? Jumper -Tesco | Skirt - Ark (had it ages) | Shoes - Primark | Headband - Oasis

This wall was perfect for a photo opp
 I had a gorgeous time at Blognix. Sadly missed the after party because I had another engagement to go to. This post would be about three times the length, if I went into details about all of the talks. Rosie Slosek gave some straight from the hip advice about tax (which usually frazzles my brain). I also LOVED (but was so engrossed that I forgot to take photos) Hayley Carr aka London Beauty Queen's talk about brand collaborations. It would be an absolute dream to work with more brands. It tied in nicely with Hayley Constanine's talk on Disclosure. Honest bloggers are the best bloggers!

And so that was it. Not to mention the lovely faces that I got to know. I've discovered some fab blogs to occupy me in my downtime.

Blognix has really encouraged me to be more active in the lovely online community that I'm already a part of. For more on Blognix as, what I can only describe as a 'movement', head here. You can also check out the speakers for yourself - they all brought something very useful. I'll be looking up the ones whose talks I missed.

I'll be back again soon, lovelies. 

Thanks for stopping by. 


Melly xoxo 


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