Something New About Yourself - what I'm listening to lately

It's the first day of Blog Everyday in November. I couldn't think of random facts about myself that anyone would find interesting are some songs that I recently heard and cannot get out of my head.

1. Old Love/New Love - Twin Shadow

Have you ever heard a song by accident? I was looking for 'Old Love' by Eric Clapton on Spotify, when I found this. I immediately added to a playlist and it's been on repeat ever since. The song has so much light and shade; the very end of it is my favourite. I think an acoustic of this would sound amazing.

2. Downtown - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


I mentioned this in my first ever vlog but I literally cannot stop listening to this song. I made it my mission to learn all of the words too. I love that Macklemore got some old legends to be on this track and if someone can teach me how Eric Nally dances without breaking his kneecaps, I'll be forever grateful.

3. Water Fountain - tUnE-yArDs 

You may have heard this on one of the latest Argos adverts. It's SO catchy. This video is from when the song was performed on Later...with Jools Holland. Absolutely genius song.

4. Zero - Chris Brown

If you're going through any kind of break-up, put this on loud and dance! Also, the bass at the start of this track is delicious. Whatever you may think of Chris Brown, he throws out some darn good music.

5. Turn The Music Louder (Rumble) - KDA featuring Tinie Tempah and Katy B

I defy you to hear this and not sing along. This has been responsible for at least three traffic lights already.

6. Bird - Billie Marten

Something a little more chilled out. This song is absolutely beautiful. I heard it on BBC Radio 2, a couple of weeks ago. When I hear it, it makes me want to look wistfully out of the window and dream of places far far away from here. Haha! No seriously, you'll feel so chilled out after this track.

So, this post wasn't about me exactly but I love love love music. What have you been listening to lately?

Melly xo


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