Recipe for a Fabulous Saturday

This post is long overdue. But it's worth it, promise.

Saturdays. I adore them. And following on from the previous post, I promised to tell you all about my last fabulous Saturday.

Ingredients for a fabulous Saturday

  • One fabulous friend. Mine on this particular day was Lisa. I recommend that everyone has a Lisa. 
  • Sunshine - we got plenty of it on this day. Happy :) 
  • One fabulous outfit. Refer to previous post - Outfit Post
  • One vintage fair. On this particular day it was Birmingham Vintage Fair at the Custard Factory, Digbeth.
  • Fabulous food. We checked out a place called Yumm. It's amazing!
  • One gig. We went to see Friends. Pretty damn cool five piece from Brooklyn, New York 

Anyway, we headed off to the Birmingham Vintage Fair, which started at about 12 and it did not disappoint. For £1 entry, we were whisked into The Old Library, a beautiful building which was packed wall to wall with some beautiful vintage items. 
The beautiful Old Library
No junk here

The worst thing about vintage fairs what that some stuff really can be old rubbish. But that was not the case here. There were also some fabulous stalls for kitsch and vintage-style accessories. My favourite buy of the day were these beautiful Barbie earrings from The Prettiest Things. I also wore them to the gig later on.

I also bought 3 beautiful scarves for about £2 each. Two of them aren't very big, sort of like glorified hankies, so I've taken to wearing them in my hair as big bows. Gorgeous!
I heart these earrings

And now on to the gig! I don't go to gigs very often and really wish that I did. Sometimes, I simply can't make it and other times, I just forget to look. Anyway, I heard Friends when I was out shopping, Shazam-ed them to find out who they were and was immediately hooked.

So, Lisa and I went along for a boogie. They're cover of old school hit 'My Boo' is so good. And they're super funky. I can definitely hear some 80's influence, so I knew I was on to a winner with these guys.

Lead vocalist Samantha Urbani has the coolest dress sense. She wore a sparkly gold number, on the night. And I have serious top knot envy over her hair. Check out a video of them from the night. I don't own the footage, as all the images I captured were terrible.

Their support act was a hot new duo called AlunaGeorge. Had never heard of them before I went but their music is so good. They make me feel cool. Aluna Francis has got serious moves (and the longest legs ever). I also love gigs that aren't overpacked. Plenty of room for dancing!

Feeling brave with my outfit choice. T-shirt - Forever 21, Florida, Adidas Originals, laddered tights, coral blazer - New Look, shorts (if you can see them) - New Look (they used to be jeans).
About to cut some shapes

All in all, it was a pretty fab day. And the sun made an appearance. Here's to many more fab Saturdays. More shopping, more food, more laughs, and more gigs (I'll try, promise).

Much love,




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