An Evening at Siamais Thai Restaurant, Birmingham

Amazing Thai food, brilliant company in the form of Sian Victoria and a gorgeous setting? Sounds like a perfect Thursday night out to me...
I must say - after Italian - Thai cuisine is my favourite. I'm an absolute sucker for carbs, so give me noodles and I'm a happy lady. So when I was invited* to spend an evening at Siamais Thai Restaurant, in Brindley Place, Birmingham, I was over the moon.

The fab team at Brum Bloggers set me up on a bloggers dinner date with Sian from Sian Victoria. I've read her blog for a while now and oddly enough we'd never met in real life before that evening. This year, I'm particularly enjoying getting to know more bloggers in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

I took a long time deliberating over which starter to have. I'd fancied fish cakes but I find them to be a little hit and miss, so finally settled on soft shell crab in salt and chilli (£10.00). It was seasoned to perfection and the presentation was stunning.

There was a little less actual crab meat than I expected but what was on the plate tasted amazing and as I said, the seasoning and presentation were fab. If you're looking for a slightly meatier, more substantial starter, go for the satay. I had a look at another table who'd ordered it and it looked fab.

Obviously alongside food, we had ordered drinks. I decided to deviate from my usual Espresso Martini and opt for something I'd never tried before. First up was the 'One Last Word' - made with aniseed, vanilla and rum. I liked the taste but it has a lot of crushed ice in it, which I'm not generally a fan of.

My main course was so good! I carried on with my seafood theme and had the seafood pad Thai noodles- with regular spice (£11.95). I don't like my food too hot. So tasty. I may even try to recreate it at home. I'm not 100% sure of all of the elements but I definitely had mussels, squid and prawn in there.

Prior to dessert, it was time for another cocktail. The waiter we chatted to was very knowledgeable about the cocktails on the menu and recommended drinks to us, based on what we were eating and what we told him that we liked. On his recommendation, I had a 'Siam' (£8.00). It's described on the menu as a 'twist on a vodka martini with chocolate and floral notes.' I was excited and it did not disappoint.

Can we talk about dessert? I opted for the Salted Caramel (all of the desserts are £5.95). It's a 'smoothy creamy pudding, sat on a thin vanilla sponge topped with a rich sticky caramel, crumbled shortbread biscuit and sea salt'. It was amazing! When I was browsing the menu, I actually chose my dessert before anything else, so I'd been looking forward to that for a solid week beforehand.

The prices are reasonable and the vibe is very chilled, which I love. It's situated on that lovely cobbled square in Brindleyplace, so you won't look out of place if you're a little dressed up. The decor is also fab. I actually didn't manage to snap many photos of it but if you follow their Instagram, you'll see lots more of it.

All in all, Sian and I had a lovely evening. It was also nice to be out with someone beside myself who took a few minutes to photograph their food before they touched it. The other diners must have thought we looked a bit odd, but whatever. The staff were fab too but we're still waiting on that jug of water we ordered, ha!

Let me know if you go there, I'd love to know what you think. Thank you to the team at Siamais for inviting us, I'll definitely be back.

Lots of love, 
Melly xo 

*I was invited to Siamais for review purposes and received three courses and two cocktails, en gratis. Photographs and words are my own. 


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