Five Happy Things #1

Thought I'd do a little post of the things that have made me happy last week. It hasn't been the happiest week ever but you have to choose to be happy. So, that's what I'm doing.

1. Catching up with friends at the weekend

It's something I really took for granted at one point but grabbing a couple of hours with people that you love is so precious!
I had coffee with Andriana on Saturday. She's one of my forever friends, so although it was only just over an hour, I laughed so much. She's awesome.

Then, I had lunch at The Swallow's Nest with Lisa. She was my travel buddy, when we headed to Paris in 2012 and this week, she moves away to start a brand new chapter, as an au pair in Switzerland. I'll miss her like crazy but shall see her soon. (More on that story later). best bud came back from her holiday. I'd missed her! She bought me presents. Thanks, Bek!

2. Payday purchases!

Who doesn't love payday? I'm meant to be saving (I am, I promise). But I couldn't resist the couple of things that I bought. I shall do a little post on them, once everything has arrived.
I bought a book which I cannot wait to get stuck into. Then I bought some faux leather peg trousers from ASOS and a very brightly coloured jumper.

3. Setting up Google Analytics for Inside Melly's Mind

This was by far my greatest achievement last week. I actually installed it the week before but the status hadn't changed, so I wasn't sure if it worked. Feeling deflated, I gave up and decided I'd come back to it another time. But...I checked on Thursday and there it was! I have to use GA at work too and it's become a slight obsession of mine ever since - which is great because it took me forever to get to grips with.

4. Making a friend smile

Seems kind of minor but a small act of kindness can make a huge difference. I bought a friend some flowers for her birthday and she loved them. That made me smile. Go out of your way for someone this week, it could do you the world of good.

5. Sunshine

Oh, it's a simple one but who doesn't love a bit of sunshine? Driving along, tunes on, topping up my tan. And it's an excuse to buy summer clothes. Mini heat waves aren't all that common in England, so when we do get one, the legs come out!

That's it for now! Look out for a post on my recent purchases soon.
Bacon and Brie Melt
Photo: Hang out time with this hottie
Much love,
Melly xox


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