Exciting News. I'm a Brand Ambassador!

Always fancied being a brand ambassador but never imagined I'd be the face of one of Birmingham's best independent fashion labels.

Every month, I'll be showcasing a new piece from Burbo K'ture. I am so beyond excited. I first met Paul in 2016 and I immediately became a huge fan of his work.

The man is a visionary and I was super inspired by his business story as well. Through sheer talent and determination, he's built his business from the ground up, literally stitch by stitch.

You know when you're looking at a Burbo K'Ture piece. Think pattern, exposed seams, exciting shapes, one-off handmade appeal and texture. There's no way you'll look like anyone else in the room and I love that!

When I first wore Burbo, I had so many people ask where my dress was from. Check out my first blog post about being styled by Paul here.

The boutique is based in Birmingham's iconic Jewellery Quarter (and now we're neighbours, yay). You can make appointments throughout the week. It's like a treasure trove and once you get chatting and start playing dress up, you won't want to leave!

Now, on to my first gifted piece, as a Burbo brand ambassador. I went out for a family meal on Saturday evening but managed to grab some shots beforehand.

I'm wearing one of the Burbo K'Ture classics, the Sy-Anne. I love this tartan. It comes in a classic red but I don't wear a lot of red and this colour combination really caught my eye.

At first, we styled the dress with a necklace and I was going to add earrings but I decided to pare down the accessories because this dress, with the over-the-knee boots really made a statement, without much other fuss. I even decided to forego my usually messy hair and opt for a low ponytail and simple makeup.

These boots are from Everything 5 Pounds. They were a birthday gift and I was so pleased with how well they worked with the dress.

I'm so excited to be working more closely with Paul. Look out for more of our work together. The whole point of being an ambassador is for my blog to be another go-to for all things Burbo K'Ture. So, check out the video below, to see exactly how to wear the Sy-Anne dress and a quick video that I made which shows the dress in motion.

Check out the entire Burbo K'Ture selection over at his shop: https://etsy.me/2vXemIk  (warning: you may end up spending a long time on there).

Learn all about the brand at www.burbokture.net.

Can't wait to create more fashion-based content. This has been so much fun. 

Thank you for stopping by and see you soon! 

Lots of love,




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