Mini Break in Switzerland (and London): Part Two

After my mammoth 'part one' post, here are the last bits of my adventures in Switzerland...

On the Sunday evening, after a nosy around Geneva, we headed to Les Bains des Paquis, which is like a little dock on the lake. You pay a couple of CHF (Swiss Francs) and there's music, dancing and food. The view overlooking the lake is stunning.

Sunday was a nice, relaxed day. Actually, I think a photo or two from that day are in the part one post. The buildings are absolutely breathtaking and because it was Sunday, it was nice and quiet.

Trying not to look like a tourist (but still looking like a tourist)

Thai Green Curry

I'm so proud of my foodie photography

My last evening, we went for dinner in Geneva. I LOVE Italian food, so how happy was I to discover a little Italian restaurant, a few minutes walk from Lisa's house? It was called Al Castellino - a beautiful, family run place. They only spoke French, Italian or German. I felt like an absolute boss, when I successfully ordered all my food and drink, in French. The staff were amazing and I ordered the best steak I'd had for two whole years. Plus, I love an excuse to go out and get dressed up. We saw so much amazing style in Geneva. It's like polished but effortless. I'm trying to master it but not for every day, I think I'd get bored.

There was nothing to my left

Simple eye makeup and a statement red lip

I appear incapable of looking at the camera

This friend right here: one of a kind

Cheeky Instagram pic. Coffee ice cream. Divine

After Switzerland, I landed back in London (from expensive city to another) and hung out there for a couple of days. I absolutely love London. I can't describe it. You know every city has a vibe? Well, whatever London's vibe is, I can't get enough.

Seeing as my friends keep deserting me to live and work there, I thought my annual leave would be an ideal opportunity to catch up with them. Started off with my chummy Anaïs. When I met her, she took me on a little trek a few minutes away from Euston. We ended up in this gorgeous little place called Somers Town Coffee House. It is so fab! We had a room all to ourselves. It had grass for carpet (!!) and the food was divine. We whacked some Janet Jackson on the iPad and had our very own little party. The staff there are wonderful - attentive, super friendly and patient (I am the worst at choosing my food). What did I have in the end? Erm, bangers and mash. Except, they made it sound so fancy; sizzling sausages, creamed grain mustard mash & pan onion gravy. Then my standard glass of Rosé. Cue dancing, laughter and more laughter. When you have friends that make you feel fab every time you're with them, keep those friends and endeavour to be one of them! Miss Mutumba, you are one of those friends. We finished up our little date at Starbucks, near to Holborn.

Caught off guard. Oh and those trousers are the Bershka wonder item I mentioned in my 'part one' post 

I do love a good catch up, so I headed off to meet Emily and Tom, two fab ex-colleagues, now friends, from my job  at TH Baker. Loved hearing all about their move and snazzy new jobs. Switching cities is never easy but they've made it look easy. Loved having a natter about what we've all been up to over the last 18 months or so. I've always quite liked to think that I'd pack up and move to London but I'd never like to get to the point where I'm fed up of the city. It'll always be nice to drop in on my friends who live there and pop to the capital for a meeting or two.

The next day, I got up and met Anaïs for a super quick Starbucks, near to Wembley. It was so lovely to sit and chill for a while, just by myself. Apparently that also signals to on-duty security guards that it's okay to ask for my number. Erm, maybe other people get this happen to them all the time but it is literally the most awkward thing ever. I'm also far too polite.

I had a relatively peaceful journey home (I love the train) and my big bro collected me from the train station. The best part about arriving home? I still had two glorious days of nothingness, when I got home. If I'm honest, I didn't feel as carefree and refreshed, as I expected to, when I got back. But I don't really mind that. I made amazing memories with my friends and had some time to gather my thoughts, in a different environment.

I've become a real fan of a mini break. Sure, it's nice to do a big holiday where you jet off for a solid two weeks or more but for me, there's something really special about just trying a place out or getting lost there for a few days.

So, that's it for my adventures. At least for now anyway. Hopefully won't be another two years before I hop on another aeroplane.

Lots of love,




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