Mini Break in Switzerland: Part One

Hello there! Guess what? I went on a mini break. Yes, it was gorgeous. Tell you all about it? I'd love to!'ll have noted in my last post that my good friend Lisa selfishly moved away to Geneva, to be an au pair. The only reason I let her go was because she promised to let me visit and stay with her for free. On August 21st, I set off on what seemed like the longest journey of my life.

There were no direct flights from Birmingham, so I hopped on the train to London, late on the Thursday evening. I love a train journey! I got plugged in, mom had put my steak dinner in some foil for me and I was all settled. Once I'd arrived at Euston, I had to bus it to London Victoria, hop on another train to Gatwick and eventually, I made it and could get through security. Do not do what I did - that was the most faffy journey ever.

Note: I hate the airport. I always think I'm going to get lost, or pulled to one side. I always seem to set the beeper off too. But this time, it was straightforward. I got through all the various bits and bobs in about an hour and even had time to grab a meal deal from Boots.

The flight to Geneva was hideous. In fact, I only remember about five minutes of it. I sat down, prayed my way through take off and woke up, once we'd landed.

Walking out to get my luggage, looking slightly bemused and probably a bit cross because I was so tired, I managed to miss my suitcase on the conveyor the first time and couldn't be bothered to run around to meet it, so I just waited patiently, hoisted it off and wandered to find the exit.

Then I spotted Lisa. Yay! We got in the car and headed off to the house. The rest of the day, we hung out in Geneva (after a much-needed nap). It is SO beautiful. I miss it already! We strolled around the river and then headed back to the house to get ready for the evening.

We decided not to bother with anything too snazzy and headed into the town to a place called Le Chat Noir. I had some sort of shrimp situation in a sweet chilli sauce. Very nice. And THE most divine cocktail called a Blackberry Fizz.

Saturday, we headed off to Annecy. I absolutely love France, so I was super excited. We drove there, which didn't take very long because Lisa lives right by the border. We had a stroll around the Lake, went for lunch and bought ice cream. It's a busy little place but the cobbled streets and small restaurants meant that it didn't feel overwhelming.

My 'loving-life-in-Annecy' pose


Clearly, I am no travel photographer but whatevs 

This is going to be the longest post ever if I do an hour-by-hour account of my time there. One of the days, we went shopping and I discovered my new favourite store - Bershka. How can I describe it? It's kind of like New Look meets Zara, with a bit of Forever 21 thrown in. Now, Switzerland is not cheap, by any stretch of the imagination but...they had a sale on. We don't have one in Birmingham (sob) but there are two on Oxford Street, in London! Happy day.

I bought two gorgeous tops and a pair of leopard joggers, which I am now obsessed with and don't want to stop wearing. Seriously, they are that beautiful. They were an absolute bargain too. I think I'll do a little outfit post soon. Don't hold your breath though - this one has taken me a solid month. Promise I'll stop slacking!

Geneva is a beautiful place to have a little stroll around. The weather was perfect too. There's nothing like a change of scenery to clear your head, make you realise there's a world outside of yours and get refocused.

Naturally, we found a Starbucks

Aaw Lisa, you beaut

This is in danger of becoming the longest post ever. So, I shall leave it there for now. Next up is...Switzerland: Part Two and a bit of what else I've been up to.





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