Apologies in advance that this blog is a bit of a ramble and has no photos (boo).

It's all change here, in Melly's World.

As finishing my degree in English and Creative Writing loomed, I had started to worry that beyond summer, I would be a part of the frighteningly high statistic of 18-24's who had no job.

So, I started to Google around about how to erm, move on with my life.

The most important question I had to ask myself was 'what do I want to do?'

When I was 3, I decided that I wanted to be a teacher and that was my dream until the age of 18. Well, for anybody who has ever had a dream, you'll know that the only thing scarier than not achieving your dream is having no dream at all.

All I knew was this: I love to write. And since the teaching dream died, I'd thought of how I was going to acquire a job where I could do what I loved all of the time.

Teaching would have been the easy option. But who wants easy?

A conversation with a friend of mine scared me into action. On surface, they're all passion. Went to university to a degree in the subject that they were passionate about. Then fell into a job that they weren't too bothered about. And now, moving into their late 20's, sitting in their reclining armchair, I hear this statement from them, "You know, I thought I'd have it all sorted by 28."

Wow. That was enough to make my mind up for me. I vowed to myself that I would never apply for a job that I wasn't interested in, let alone accept one.

Anyway, on to the exciting part. My humble part time job as at the Students' Union was coming to an end. So I set about making my next step.

During Easter, in a state of sheer panic that I was going to be a bum when I left uni, I contacted a local copywriter and asked for advice. Miraculously, she went one step further and asked me if I wanted to meet for coffee. To cut a long (which would probably only be exciting to me) story short, we met and it was fabulous.

Anyway, I now have a full time job as Online Content Writer with T H Baker and it's the best! Also a massive challenge, but I feel like my skills and passion are being put to good use. Plus, the team are all fairly young and I get on with everyone.

More updates on the musings of my day job, coming soon.

Much love,

Melly xoxo


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