An Unexpected Five Happy Things

Okay, so it's been a year but I'm back. I didn't realise that I was going to end up taking such a long break but hey ho, here I am with a quick post.

Unless you've been trapped in a well, you'll know that there's a global pandemic occurring at this moment in time; it's a very different world to the one that I wrote my last blog post in.

So, this is a little lockdown version of Five Happy Things because although we're in somewhat of a crisis, with a shadow of grief hanging in the air, there are little glimmers of hope.

1. Time to reflect 

It's not always comfortable being alone with your thoughts. Trust me, I've been there. But being forced to stop or at least slow down has been a positive thing for me. Last year was go go go go at times and whilst I was grateful for the distraction, the slower pace has done me good.

2. Feeling more connected 

I feel like we sometimes think about touching base with people but put it off, oftentimes because we're too busy. Well, now we have almost no excuse. I don't know about you but I've been enjoying talking to people more. Even just a quick text or call feels like it means more now and I think that's very special.

3. The opportunity to learn

Hello, free resources! You may not be in the frame of mind to study or learn and you absolutely shouldn't put any pressure on yourself to do that. But if you are feeling productive, there are so many places offering free or heavily-reduced courses. A quick Google search will bring up what you're looking for.

At the moment, I have a copywriting course from Udemy on the go. After that, I'll move on to a UX course that I found on Future Learn.

4. More time at home 

If you know me, you'll know I'm a homebody. That fresh pyjama, cold beer, head in a magazine combo is exquisite. Apart from the obvious chaos and threat of danger from the virus, I genuinely don't mind being at home more. After a nine-day stretch, I was struggling a little but I've been able to go to the studio and out to get grocery shopping for others, which has made things more bearable.

5. More orders for Honey Bee Home  

I didn't go into lockdown rubbing my hands together, thinking about how many people would be at home shopping online. In fact, I was far more concerned about the possibility of a recession. I wasn't expecting people to be shopping for plant pots and gin glasses but I was wrong.

I'll admit that online businesses being encouraged by the Government to operate normally was a welcome announcement. I still get anxiety when I'm standing in the queue at the Post Office; will it ever feel normal to be there in a mask? But I'm grateful for the additional eyes on the brand. Between copywriting and packing orders, my days are suitably busy.

Have I taken up yoga, baked banana bread or run 5k? No, I have not. But that's okay. I've laughed, cried, reached out, been given the opportunity to serve loved ones in a unique way and I've remained stable in a global pandemic. So if all you've done is survive, that's more than enough.

We've all felt the effects of this in one way or another. Things feel unjust and unfair; you have the right to be angry. This whole thing is an emotional rollercoaster, so take it day by day. Let people know if you're struggling.

Now that my blogging mojo is back, I'm going to try my best to write more. I can't even explain why I took such a long break. Maybe that'll make for an interesting post on its own. We shall see.

If you've made it to the end of this, thank you so much and I do hope you'll stop by again soon. 

Lots of love, 




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