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What Mental Health Struggles Really Look Like

 Ah, this one has been burning me, so here I am.
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Thoughts on Turning 30

 Oh my goodness! It's been the longest time. Will I ever be consistent with this blog? Probably not but we move.  I cannot believe that I am writing this blog post as a 30 year old. I think I was 20 when I started this blog and wow, what a journey.  It's fair to say I've learned a few lessons along the way and I really don't know what this post will be. I just opened the page and started writing.  My 20s have mostly been enjoyable. Ups and downs but what else did I expect? 20 year old me thought she'd have settled down and got married by now. Let's all laugh together. I'm glad I didn't get my way. Honestly, I've seen a lot of seemingly solid relationships crumble in front of my eyes. I have dated terribly! Not a lot of men...just the wrong one over and over. I digress. I can honestly say that I look in the mirror and I am proud of who I am. I know that a lot of women don't feel that way. Let me tell you something: I am not me by accident. It all

"Where Are You Really From?" | Let's Talk

My goodness, what a week. First of all, thank you to everyone who read, shared and reached out to me about my previous blog post.  This week has been exhausting. I hadn't planned to write this but here we go...

The Post I Shouldn’t Have to Write

Can you imagine your last words being “please, I can’t breathe?”

An Unexpected Five Happy Things

Okay, so it's been a year but I'm back. I didn't realise that I was going to end up taking such a long break but hey ho, here I am with a quick post.

Health Anxiety, Heartache and Healing

Let me start by saying this: however broken you may feel right now, these days will pass. Don’t you dare give up.

What I've Been Up To This Month | January 2019

It's the end of January. Wanna hear what I've been up to this month?