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So, I've been rather naughty and neglected this blog a little but I'm back. And thought it’d be cool to show you what I’ve been up to, at work.

As you’ll know, from this post, I’m a marketing copywriter for a fabulous jewellers. And as if by some miracle, the main crux of my job description is to blog. Woohoo! It’s like a dream come true. So, here are a couple of the guest posts that I’ve done for other blogs, on behalf of T H Baker.

One post is all about how I’ll be rocking maxi skirts this summer. Which, as far as I’m concerned are the go-to item for this weird we’re-not-quite-sure-if-it’s-really-summer sort of weather. They look great with just a vest top or layered up with a gilet. Anyway, enough of my yapping, you can check the post out here. And secondly, I wrote a little Graduation Gift Guide – handy for this time of year, so check it out.

I feel so blessed to have walked into a job, literally 5 weeks after finishing my degree. Although, it’s more exciting and challenging than I had imagined. So, when you’re job hunting, don’t be put off by the job description. Sometimes, it turns out to involve much more than you may initially think. Decide if you’re capable and willing to adapt and it can be a super rewarding experience. The best thing about this job is the variation of what I get to write, although it can be a huge challenge at times. And nothing is more satisfying than seeing your work in print. Plenty more where that came from, hopefully.

Until next time, folks.

Much love,

Melly xoxo  


  1. How fabulous - congratulations on your perfect job! Love the post too! xx

  2. Hey Scarlett.
    Thanks so much xx


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