Outfit Post: New Camera

It sucks when friends have to cancel plans. But I decided to take full advantage of the fact that I was already fully dressed, wearing a full face of make up and had a bit of a play with my camera. I have a tripod now. Well, my dad's tripod - same difference.

To be honest, I have to really psyche myself up to do outfit posts because I'm not in the regular routine yet. I decided to use this mini shoot to try to decide on a regular spot to take my outfit photos.
For a long time, I had struggled with the idea of outfit posts because I had convinced myself that I needed to be in a different setting every single time. But I've come to realise that some of my favourite bloggers don't change scene every single time they do an outfit post. So, I've really warmed to the idea of taking my photos in the same place every time I write about an outfit. After all, it's the clothes that really matter, isn't it?

Black Maxi - New Look | Grey Off-Shoulder Top - Glam Boutique | White Vest - Topshop |  Pale Pink Ballet  Flats (Unseen) - New Look | Gold Bangles - H&M

I can't get enough of my black maxi skirt. I'm starting to wonder if there's anything in my wardrobe that it doesn't match. I can dress it up for work or dress it down for an afternoon of shopping. Maxi skirt, I salute you.

I had a bit of a lazy day with the make up on this particular occasion - liquid eyeliner, two coats of mascara and a bit of bronzer on my cheeks.
My hair was my enemy that day, so I pinned it up. 

I'm not sure that I like the way these are put together. But I'm extremely pleased with my camera. I've been reading lots of tips on how to improve, so I'm taking it all on board. I definitely think there's room for improvement. 


Much love, 


  1. It's true, you don't have to change the background each time you have a new outfit. You don't have do be like everyone else; do what you like. It's your blog after all.

    The photos themselves are good, you just have to make them bigger for people to see more of the oufit.
    Well done :D
    Emily ooo

  2. Thanks, Emily. Definitely going to have more of a play around - especially after some lovely positive feedback from yourself.

    Don't be a stranger.

    Melly xoxo


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