How I'm Hitting Refresh for Autumn

Who else still gets that new term, back-to-school feeling, when September rolls back around? Here's how I'm hitting refresh, as we move into a new season...
As I write this, we're four days into the new month and I feel like so much has happened already. I spoke at Autumn Fair today. Such a great opportunity.

Anyway, I've thought of three things that I'm doing to ease my way into the new season this year.

1. Revisiting my goals

I've been using my Imperfect Life Planner (designed by the fabulous Kerry Lyons) throughout the year. In it, there's a space to set your goals. I'll be taking the time to look at what I've achieved, what needs to be tweaked and what I can do next.

2. Going on holiday

Croatia, here I come! Looking forward to fresh seafood, cocktails, sunshine and time with one of my favourite people. Lisa. Our last adventure was just before I went freelance, so this was long overdue.

3. Challenging myself

Hitting refresh usually comes with renewed energy. Suddenly, I find the time and energy to get round to the things I'd been putting off. I made video content for my Instagram at the end of August and to be honest, I quite enjoyed it. I have a couple of vlogs waiting to be edited, so I'm going to work on those and get them out there.

How do you hit refresh, as a new season is on the horizon? 

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