Five Happy Things #6

Wow, last week was amazing! There's a lot that I'm thankful for. So, here goes...

New client 
I've got a new freelance client and will be working in-house for a month. I left 9-5 life for various reasons but it's actually nice to have a bit of routine, following the craziness of summer. I also get to leave before boredom kicks in.

The client is a student accommodation provider.
One of my early copywriting jobs was in the Students' Union and I loved writing for that audience. It's a big project but so far, so good.

Honey Bee HQ 

I still can't believe that my little brand has its own space in Birmingham. I took my time getting it ready but it's finally coming together. Having a dedicated space to be creative is incredible. It's in my dream location and has already made the whole process of running a little ecommerce brand so much easier. Setting up and packing down shots in the house was so much faff.

Cameras in the new studio 

Last week Tuesday, I was being followed around by cameras. It was surreal but I actually quite enjoyed myself. In September, I delivered a talk at Autumn Fair. Alongside that, we started some filming for a brand retailer diary. That week, I essentially went to the show as two separate brands; on Monday, I was Honey Bee Home and on Tuesday, Honey Bee Copywriting. It was great fun.

My amazing friends 

 I can't believe how blessed I am to have such amazing friends. They're always there with a word of encouragement and to remind me of what's really important.

Fun events 

My diary has been packed full of fun events this month, including a day out in Cheltenham, Prezzybox's Jingle Mingle and Karaoke with Bumble. I thought I'd become less of a social butterfly as I got older but actually, I go to less events that mean more and have way more fun!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Melly xoxo 


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