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Something New and Personal

Hey guys! It's been a little while but the a-ma-zing Elizabeth has decided to do Blog Everyday in November again. What a throwback! So I'll be joining in. If you're new to Inside Melly's Mind, here's a little about me...

My real name isn't Melly, it's Melissa. My life is made up of freelance digital marketing, running my little homeware brand Honey Bee Home  and making my way into interior styling.

This blog is honestly a little bit of everything; freelance life, fun, food and a splash of fashion.

To be honest, I'm not as consistent as I should be because work really takes priority and then I tend to procrastinate but I'm determined to use the last couple of months of this year to create some great content on here and share some of my world with you. I may even get round to creating the videos I've had on my list because some of the prompts for BEDN fit really well.

My hope is that from this blog, we get to know each other and you always leave feeling inspired and a little better than when you got here.
This is me at Honey Bee HQ | Photo: Jennie Kwan

Aaaand, the last little bit of news is the 'something new'. For the past couple of years, I've really wanted to start an interiors blog but I've always stopped myself because of imposter syndrome, my need for perfectionism and simply not having the time to do it justice.

Well, I've found a way to make it work. Styled By Melissa is going to be a hub of inspiration and an authentic blog of my journey in interiors. I'm really hoping to be a part of some shoots as an assistant. I've also been doing interior decorating projects for friends and family, so I'm excited to share those projects on there.

If you're new to Inside Melly's Mind, leave a comment below and tell me something about you!

Thanks for stopping by!

Melly xoxo 


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