Five Happy Things #5

This is a series that I started a couple of years ago but kind of abandoned. Well now it's back, so here's what's been making me smile lately...

Photo credit: Thank you to the ever-so-talented Chrissy Jones of The Lovely Photographers

1. Achieving a work goal

Honey Bee Copywriting turned five this year and it'll be four years in September since I went full time freelance. There's been the occasional in-house stint but I've never let the the dream die. This year, I approached my business differently and it's paid off. I'm happy with how things are going, the projects that are coming up and the opportunities that have come my way. I'd set goals for what sort of work I wanted to do over the summer and I hit my July goal. Very pleased.

It's hard to put yourself out there as a freelancer but it's so worth it. If you're a freelancer, try not to let the hustle pull you under. Consistently market yourself, do your best work, get a good freelance tribe around you and have a clear vision for where you want to be. Maybe I'll write a post about freelance lessons I've learnt this year. What d'you think?

2. Family time on a Sunday afternoon

What I thought was going to be a quick visit to my Nan's turned into four hours and it was fab. I sat outside in the garden - which used to be my favourite place to play - prepared for the week and soaked up the sun. I got to enjoy my Nan's cooking and we ended up dancing around the kitchen, just laughing and forgetting that anything else mattered - even if for just a few moments.

Most time spent with my mom's family is great, to be honest but that particular day has stuck with me. Growing up, I always loved spending time at my grandparents' house and it hasn't lost its charm, now that I'm older. There's something about being cocooned in with my family that makes me forget everything else that's going on. I'm so grateful to have been raised in a loving family.

3. This gorgeous weather

Oh my goodness. I know that it's hot and muggy and everyone's hair is frizzing and it's chub rub season and it's too hot at night but I love this weather. We don't get it often, so I'm trying to embrace it, you know?

4. Inside Melly's Mind

Yep, my little blog. I've really hit my stride with this blog again and it feels so good. I had spent a long time feeling very uninspired to share what was going on in my life. I was uncertain about whether what I had to say was interesting and my focus was very much elsewhere. Instead of overthinking things, I'm just sharing what is on my heart. This is a lifestyle blog, so a lot of it will be personal but I share in the hope to inspire, encourage and maybe even amuse you in parts.

5. Encouragement

Let me tell you this: a little encouragement can go a long long way. And a well-timed comment from someone who you like and respect can make a world of difference. So shout out to Emma for her words, a few days ago.

A text, a tweet, a DM, a card or a quick face-to-face conversation can change someone's perspective in the best way. It can spark an idea. It can undo damage that was caused in the past. It can give someone the courage to carry on. Why don't we challenge ourselves to cultivate a habit of encouraging people? It can really build people and it makes you feel great too.

Tell me, what's made you happy lately?




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