24 Hours in London | Designing Furniture with MADE.com and Topology Interiors

So, you'll have noticed, over the past few months that I'm working my way, slowly but surely, into a career in Interiors. It started with launching Honey Bee Home and now I'm focusing more on the styling and decorating side of things.

In December last year, I headed off to London to attend a workshop hosted by Athina and Amy, at Topology Interiors. They are so lovely! Fuelled by snacks and prosecco (win), we learned how to draw 2D plans using design software. I loved it. Am I an expert? Not yet but it certainly spurred me along. I know that I picked up a lot more skill in those couple of hours than I would, if I had tried to learn it by myself.

So, this time, the workshop was to promote MADE.com's Talent Lab - the company's new crowdfunding platform which allows new designers to submit their work, with a chance of it being curated into a collection on the site. Customers put down a small returnable deposit, to support the pieces they'd like to see made and sold. Chosen designers then go on to receive royalties, from every piece sold. Excellent stuff. It took me a little while to get the hang of designing furniture; basically, I missed a step and buggered my first table up but once I got the hang of it, I ended up with a lovely chest of drawers. Even if my piece isn't picked up by MADE.com, I'll still consider designing a whole collection because I really enjoyed myself.

At the first Topology Interiors workshop that I attended | Photographer: Theo McInnes

What else did I get up to in London? I got to catch up with friends. Pre-workshop, I met my lovely friend Tasha. I think we met via Twitter but I don't remember the exact conversation. We met up and spent a few hours in Costa. Tasha is a fabulously creative person. She designs and makes clothes and accessories - her ideas seem to be endless.

It was great to swap stories with someone else who is self-employed. It kind of spurs you on, you know? Week-to-week, she's a massive encouragement. It's so amazing that business, social media and creativity can connect you with like-minded people who become your friends in real life. Plus, she's a Prince fan - so it's a win win!

I got to catch up with my blonde bae, Steven as well. I love him. He gave me a much-needed pep talk about work. I'm so grateful to have friends who know me so well and can reassure me.

Right, I'm off to practise designing more furniture. Who knows, it may be a new string to my bow.

Lots of love,



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