Vero and Why I'm Willing To Give It A Go

So, we've seen a lot of fuss and chat about Vero the past couple of days and I'm chatting about why I'm willing to give it a go.

I'm not usually the first to run to a social media platform. I like to figure it out first and wait for them to iron out the main bugs and issues before I create a profile.

I like for each social media platform I'm on to serve a separate purpose, as generally they're designed to do different things; which is why I find it very frustrating when I see (especially brands) share exactly the same content across the board. But that's another subject for another day.

It's no secret that people are hugely frustrated with Instagram for various reasons; ads, the dreaded algorithm, bots, its exclusivity with regards to the swipe-up feature and much more. As somewhat of a micro-influencer, I have experienced all of this frustration to some extent.

So, here are the reasons I'm willing to give Vero a chance:

I don't want to pay for it 

There's been a rumour flying around that the first 1 million sign-ups will be given a lifetime free membership and anyone else after that will have to pay a subscription fee. I'm sorry but no. I won't be paying for anything long term unless it's absolutely worth it, so I'm giving it a go before there's a possibility of having to pay. Whether the subscription model is going to work and how they're going to enforce it is another matter. Who knows, it may have just been scaremongering to make sure that they hit 1 million downloads.

I can add links 

'Yes but Mel, you can do that on Twitter and Facebook.' Indeed I can but this will be a platform where my various businesses and interests will be posted to the same place. Take for example, the fact that I run Honey Bee Home. I don't post a lot of that business on my personal accounts because that brand is separate from me as a person. It's nothing to do with Melly, the blogger. So, I'll be using Vero as the all-encompassing platform. If a new Honey Bee Home collection drops but I'm heading into London for a client meeting and want to recommend a new book to you, all of that will be shared on my Vero account. The pressure to curate doesn't exist in this platform - well, not for me anyway - so I'll be sharing different types of content from my various activities and interests there.

There's no algorithm and there are no ads

Hurrah for a chronological feed! Much of our frustration with social media lately is that it's been trying to guess what we like and want to see more of. In some cases, they get it spot on but much of the time, I miss content from creators whose work I love and I feel overwhelmed by the amount of ads I'm shown, at times.

It's a safe space to play with video 

I've been playing with video for a couple of years now but it still requires a certain level of confidence that I haven't quite tapped into. Honestly, I just care too much about what certain people may think of me - which I hate because I'm not usually like that. So, I'm going to use Vero to do a little bit of micro-vlogging and maybe even promote my Youtube channel. I completely understand how important video content is and I don't want to miss out on that because I actually quite enjoy the process.

And that's it from me. There's my two cents on the situation, at present. The app itself is still experiencing a few issues, as thousands have people have all signed up at once but we'll see how it goes. I've decided the reasons that I'm going to use it and we'll see how things go.

Thanks for stopping by! 




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